10 Best Patti Labelle Songs of All Time

Patti LaBelle, an iconic figure in the realm of music, has left an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of fans worldwide with her powerful, soul-stirring voice. Her remarkable career spans several decades, marked by countless hits and accolades. As we embark on a musical journey through her illustrious catalog, it becomes evident that selecting the “Top 10 Best Patti LaBelle Songs of All Time” is no easy task, as each note she sings resonates with passion, authenticity, and sheer brilliance.

From her early days as a member of the groundbreaking girl group, Labelle, to her solo ventures that skyrocketed her to legendary status, Patti LaBelle’s music has been the soundtrack of life’s most profound moments. Her ability to effortlessly blend R&B, gospel, and soul has made her a transcendent artist whose songs transcend generations. Whether it’s her heart-wrenching ballads that tug at the soul’s deepest emotions or her upbeat anthems that ignite the dance floor, LaBelle’s repertoire is a testament to her unparalleled artistry.

In this article, we embark on a harmonious journey through Patti LaBelle’s musical legacy, counting down the “Top 10 Best Patti LaBelle Songs of All Time.” Each song on this list embodies the essence of her remarkable career, serving as a reminder of why her music continues to inspire and resonate with audiences around the world. So, let’s delve into the timeless melodies and unforgettable performances that have solidified Patti LaBelle’s place in the pantheon of music greatness.

1. The Right Kinda Lover

The 1st song in the best Patti Labelle songs list is ‘The Right Kinda Lover’. It’s an upbeat track with captivating melodies and funky beats. It’s a testament to Labelle’s versatility.

‘The Right Kinda Lover’ was the lead single from the 1991 album ‘Burnin”, and it quickly gained popularity. Critics and fans alike praised it.

‘Love Has Finally Come’, with Patti Labelle’s classic songs. Even the most stone-hearted person can feel romantic.

2. Love Has Finally Come


Love Has Finally Come! This second song from Patti Labelle’s list of best tunes is a soulful masterpiece. It displays Patti’s vocal range and emotional depths. Listeners have been mesmerized by its timeless charm and powerful lyrics for decades.

The table below shows more details:

Song Album Year
Love Has Finally Come I’m in Love Again 1983

This ballad has smooth melodies, rich harmonies, and Patti’s incredible vocal performance. It captures the joy and relief of finding real love after a long journey of heartache.

It has an infectious rhythm and unforgettable chorus. Love Has Finally Come is an anthem for anyone who feels the happiness of love’s arrival. Patti’s emotion and delivery brings each note to life.

Don’t miss out on Love Has Finally Come! Let Patti’s captivating vocals take you on a journey of love, longing, and ultimate fulfillment. Enjoy the beauty of this classic and indulge in a transcendent musical experience.

3. Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)

Patti Labelle’s song “Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)” is a timeless classic. It’s a soulful mix of R&B, funk, and disco that has captivated listeners for years.

This chart-topper was originally written for Diana Ross, but Patti Labelle’s stunning vocals made it a worldwide hit. Her voice is so powerful, it’s like an iceberg-melting force.

This classic has a unique history. Its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody make it an unforgettable experience. “Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)” is truly a song that you should know. If only you knew…

4. If Only You Knew

“If Only You Knew” – The ultimate remembrance of Patti Labelle’s greatest hits.

Vocals and lyrics, both powerful yet soulful, combine to create a timeless classic.

Artist Patti Labelle
Genre R&B/Soul
Release Year 1983
Album I’m in Love Again

Labelle’s vocal range and emotion-filled words take this song to a new level. It reveals a complexity of love and longing, connecting with its listeners. A touching dedication during a live performance is proof of its influence. Tears streamed down Patti’s face & the fan’s too, a sign of its everlasting power.

I Woke Up with a New Attitude, now if only I could find my keys…

5. New Attitude

Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald’s “On My Own” is a classic heartbreak anthem. It shows that being alone can be better than settling for less than ideal karaoke duets. This song captures the power of solitude and encourages listeners to embrace it. Its unique sound and heartfelt lyrics make it a timeless classic. Let’s dive deeper into what makes “On My Own” so special.

6. On My Own

Patti Labelle’s ‘On My Own’ is a timeless classic. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming the biggest hit for both Patti and Michael McDonald. The lyrics show a story of love lost and the strength to move on.

The song features lush instrumentation, with memorable piano melodies and soaring guitar solos. Plus, Patti’s soulful delivery and Michael’s smooth harmonies create a captivating musical experience. Its universal theme of heartbreak and resilience touches listeners across generations.

An impressive fact – it won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1987. (Source: Grammy.com) Truly, Patti Labelle has created a signature song.

7. Stir It Up

Patti Labelle’s “Stir It Up” is an iconic track with soulful melodies and powerful lyrics. Her vocal range and stunning performances captivate audiences.

The song’s infectious rhythm and groovy beat make it impossible to resist tapping your feet. The message of empowerment encourages individuals to take charge of their life. It is a favorite among fans worldwide.

In addition, the musical nuances elevate its impact. A blend of instruments creates a rich soundscape that amplifies the experience. Listen on quality audio equipment or headphones for intricate details in the arrangement. To fully appreciate this sensational track, indulge in every glorious moment!

8. Oh People


Oh People is the 8th song on Patti Labelle’s list of bests! It’s mesmerizing and soulful. Her vocal range and emotion depth are showcased.

Here’s a look at the key details:

  • Album: Be Yourself
  • Release Year: 1989
  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Writer(s): Allee Willis, David Lasley
  • Producer(s): Richard Perry

This track stands out for its thought-provoking lyrics. It encourages everyone to come together and break down barriers. Patti Labelle’s music touches hearts with its relatable message.

Pro tip: Listen to Patti’s passionate delivery. It adds an extra layer of intensity to this captivating track.

9. You Are My Friend

Patti Labelle’s “You Are My Friend” is an iconic and cherished song. It captures the essence of friendship and love through its powerful lyrics and enchanting melodies.

  • Emotional Connection: This song connects with audiences worldwide, reminding us of the importance of having someone who understands us unconditionally.
  • Vocal Brilliance: Labelle’s exceptional vocal range and talent shine throughout this masterpiece, captivating listeners.
  • Lasting Impact: Nearly four decades later, “You Are My Friend” still resonates with fans across generations. Its timeless message transcends boundaries.

The beauty of “You Are My Friend” lies in Patti Labelle’s ability to convey raw emotions through her captivating voice. To appreciate it fully, cultivate an atmosphere conducive to introspection and emotional vulnerability.

Take a moment to reflect on your cherished friendships and recognize their value. Reach out to your closest confidants to express your appreciation. Embrace the power of this song as an inspiration to strengthen and nurture your relationships.

In a world where friendships sometimes seem fleeting, “You Are My Friend” serves as a reminder of the enduring beauty found in genuine connections. Let it be your guide, encouraging you to cherish the friendships that enrich your life.

10. Yo Mister

Patti Labelle’s iconic song “Yo Mister” is a classic. Released in 1989, it was part of her album “Be Yourself” and garnered global attention with its R&B/Soul genre. Sam Dees and Jay Graydon wrote the song and Sam Dees produced it.

The song has a deeper meaning than just her powerful vocals. It speaks of social issues, particularly domestic violence. It encourages empathy for those affected and sparks dialogue on the sensitive topic.

Through the lyrics, a woman finds the courage to leave an abusive relationship. The song serves as a reminder of her self-worth and gives her the power to regain control of her life.

“Yo Mister” is a powerful reminder of the healing power of music. It proves Patti Labelle is a legendary artist whose impact on the music industry is undeniable. Her universal themes and delivery continue to inspire and uplift listeners around the world.

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