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Ye Allegedly Launching Adult Film Studio

Ye is allegedly consulting with Stormy Daniels’ ex-husband to launch an adult film studio. Ye Allegedly Planning to Start Yeezy Porn On Tuesday (April 23), TMZ reported that a Yeezy representative confirmed the Chicago rapper is toying with the idea of launching a pornography brand. The rep also claimed Ye is currently in talks with Mike Moz, the ex-husband of former porn […]

10 Famous Singers from Kentucky

Kentucky, often celebrated for its bluegrass roots and bourbon heritage, boasts a rich cultural tapestry that extends to the realm of music. In the heart of America’s South, this state has birthed some of the most influential voices in the music industry. From soulful ballads to foot-stomping country tunes, Kentucky has been a cradle for […]

Rihanna’s Instagram Profile Picture Change: Reaction

For years now, the most iconic part of Rihanna’s online identity has been her Instagram profile image. You know the one: It’s a simplistic and relatively crude illustration of an expressionless character with curly hair on its head. As Vulture notes, the image dates back to 2014, so it was there for Anti, it was […]

15 Best Love Songs of All Time

Love songs have a timeless allure, captivating listeners across generations with their melodies and lyrics that echo the depths of human emotion. As we navigate the intricate pathways of love, music often serves as a comforting companion, articulating the sentiments we struggle to express. In this compilation, we delve into the heart of musical romance […]

15 Best Dance Songs of All Time

In the vibrant tapestry of human culture, few forms of expression captivate the spirit and move the body quite like dance. As a universal language transcending boundaries of time, place, and culture, it’s no wonder that certain songs have etched themselves into the collective memory as anthems of movement and rhythm. In this exploration of […]

15 Best Disco Songs of All Time

Disco music, with its infectious beats and pulsating rhythms, has long been synonymous with the vibrant energy of the dance floor. From its heyday in the 1970s to its enduring influence on pop culture today, disco remains a timeless genre cherished by music enthusiasts worldwide. In this electrifying compilation, we delve into the realm of […]

Chlöe Announced Sophomore Album On Stage At Coachella 2024

It seems like just yesterday that Uproxx cover star Chlöe launched her solo career. But, if you want to be technical, it has been nearly three years since the release of her debut single, “Have Mercy.” Now that the singer’s studio album, In Pieces, has officially celebrated its one-year anniversary, she’s ready to drop a […]