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Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keem’s ‘The Hillbillies’: Drake Diss?

For years, rap fans have maintained that Drake’s greatest foe and rival is not Kanye West or Pusha T, but Kendrick Lamar. While neither rapper has released any overtly disrespectful material mentioning the other by name, fans are convinced that Drake and Kendrick have been subtly shading each other for nearly a decade despite Drake […]

Simon Neil and Mike Vennart Announce Debut Empire State Bastard Album, ‘Rivers Of Heresy’

Simon Neil and Mike Vennart have announced the debut Empire State Bastard album, ‘Rivers Of Heresy’, which is set for release on September 01. Image credit: Gavin Smart The news follows the release of the band’s intense debut single ‘Harvest’ in March and an instantly sold-out headline tour. The ten-track alt-metal album will of course […]

10 Best Madonna Songs of All Time

Madonna, the undisputed Queen of Pop, has had an indelible impact on the music industry for over four decades. With her trailblazing career, boundary-pushing performances, and an unapologetic persona, Madonna has continuously redefined the concept of pop music and carved out a permanent place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Throughout her extensive discography, […]

Vinnie Vincent Announces and Cans New Singer Within a Week

When Vinnie Vincent premiered his long-awaited new album Judgment Day (Guitarmageddon Pt. 1) in Nashville on May 19 and 20, it seemed like the mercurial ex-Kiss guitarist was finally ready to hit the ground running after decades away from the spotlight. And then, in classic Vincent fashion, his plans changed in a flash. The album listening party at […]

10 Best Metallica Songs of All Time

Since their explosive debut in the early 1980s, Metallica has cemented their status as the undisputed icons of heavy metal. Their thunderous sound, uncompromising attitude, and musical virtuosity have propelled them to the forefront of the genre, captivating generations of fans worldwide. With a rich discography spanning over four decades, selecting the top 10 best […]