10 Best Metallica Songs of All Time

Since their explosive debut in the early 1980s, Metallica has cemented their status as the undisputed icons of heavy metal. Their thunderous sound, uncompromising attitude, and musical virtuosity have propelled them to the forefront of the genre, captivating generations of fans worldwide. With a rich discography spanning over four decades, selecting the top 10 best Metallica songs is no easy task, as their relentless energy and sheer brilliance have produced an array of timeless classics.

In this article, we embark on a headbanging journey through the annals of Metallica’s discography, honoring the tracks that have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of metal enthusiasts. From the relentless aggression of their early thrash metal anthems to their later ventures into more introspective and melodic territories, Metallica has continuously pushed the boundaries of their genre, reinventing themselves while staying true to their core identity.

Our selection will showcase the pinnacle of Metallica’s musical prowess, highlighting their signature blend of crushing riffs, blistering solos, thunderous drums, and emotionally charged lyrics. These songs have transcended mere music, becoming anthems that embody the very essence of the heavy metal spirit.

Prepare to be transported into a world of sonic mayhem, as we count down the top 10 best Metallica songs of all time, celebrating the mastery of this legendary band and paying homage to their monumental impact on the world of metal. Brace yourself for a wild ride through the realm of metallic thunder!

1. “Fuel”

This Metallica classic blazes like a revved-up engine, driven by its relentless riff and driving beat. With James Hetfield’s fiery vocals leading the charge, “Fuel” is a rebellious anthem that captures the band’s raw energy and love of speed. In addition to its electrifying delivery, the song also showcases some impressive musicianship, including Kirk Hammett’s searing guitar solo and Lars Ulrich’s powerful drumming. It’s no wonder that “Fuel” remains a fan favorite and a staple of the band’s live shows.

As one of the standout tracks from their 1997 album ‘Reload‘, “Fuel” has become one of Metallica’s most recognizable and beloved songs. The high-octane track was inspired by life on tour and the rush of performing in front of thousands of fans each night, with Hetfield’s lyrics conveying a sense of wild abandon and restless energy. The song’s memorable chorus has become an instant sing-along at concerts, while its driving rhythm and chugging guitar riffs make it perfect for headbanging.

Interestingly, “Fuel” was originally titled “Burn“, but was later changed to better capture its racing theme. According to Ulrich, the band wanted to create a song that would be “a celebration about the good things in life…speed and horsepower“. With its adrenaline-fueled riffing and intense energy, “Fuel” delivers on that promise in spades.

Fact: In 2015, Metallica performed “Fuel” live as part of an encore during their appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
For whom does the bell toll? Apparently, it’s Metallica fans when this classic song comes on.

2. “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

This iconic Metallica song, with its unforgettable guitar riffs and powerful drum beats, is a fan favorite. The title, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” is inspired by John Donne’s poem and Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the same name. The lyrics tell the dark story of death and destruction during the Spanish Civil War, making it one of the most emotionally charged songs in Metallica’s catalog.

The thundering intro to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” instantly hooks listeners with its booming bassline and haunting bell tolls. James Hetfield’s vocals soar over Kirk Hammett’s blistering guitar solos, while Lars Ulrich’s drums drive the song forward with relentless energy. Its riff has been used numerous times in pop culture, from TV shows to movies.

What sets this song apart from others on Metallica’s albums is its unique structure. It begins with a slow build-up before exploding into a fast-paced frenzy that never loses steam until its final notes. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” has become a staple of their live shows since its release in 1984 and continues to be one of their most beloved tracks.

Fans who have attended Metallica concerts can attest to the pure energy that courses through the crowd when this track starts playing. There is no doubt that “For Whom the Bell Tolls” will continue to be part of Metallica’s legacy for years to come.

Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ is like a deliciously dark cocktail – strong riffs, haunting lyrics, and a bittersweet aftertaste that lingers long after you’ve finished listening.

3. “Master of Puppets”

One of Metallica’s most iconic songs, this masterpiece captures the band’s signature sound and energy. With its intense guitar riffs, aggressive drumming, and haunting lyrics, it has become a fan favorite and is often cited as one of their best works.

The song was released in 1986 as the title track to their third album and has since become a staple at live performances. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the band’s influence in shaping the heavy metal genre.

A notable feature is its complex structure, which includes intricate guitar solos and multiple time signature changes. The dark themes in the lyrics touch on addiction and manipulation, lending depth to the overall experience. Moreover, years after its release, Master of Puppets continues to inspire musicians around the world.

Interestingly, while recording the album of the same name, Metallica faced many challenges including long working hours and creative differences. At one point they even lost all their gear in a truck accident. However, their perseverance paid off with this groundbreaking release that cemented their legacy in rock history.

If you’re looking for a song to headbang to while simultaneously contemplating the inevitability of death, ‘Creeping Death‘ is your jam.

4. “Creeping Death”

This track exemplifies Metallica’s thrash metal sound with lightning-fast guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats. “Creeping Death” is a standout song that explores the biblical story of the ten plagues of Egypt. Lead singer James Hetfield showcases his vocal range, going from soft whispers to intense screams in just seconds. The song has remained a fan favorite for decades and is a staple in their live shows.

As one of the band’s most iconic songs, “Creeping Death” features a memorable main riff that perfectly captures the intensity of the lyrics. The chorus is instantly recognizable, with Hetfield shouting “Die!” repeatedly as the instruments reach a crescendo. The song’s use of Egyptian-inspired sounds and imagery sets it apart from other metal tracks and adds depth to its subject matter.

Metallica’s use of storytelling in “Creeping Death” is what makes it so compelling. Each verse details one of the plagues that God sent upon Egypt to punish Pharaoh for not freeing the Israelites. The final verse sees death himself referred to as the “Angel of Death,” which serves as both an ominous warning and a call to arms for those listening.

Pro Tip: Listen to this song with headphones on to fully appreciate its layered instrumentation and intricate guitar work.

Make no mistake, seeking and destroying is not just a Metallica song – it’s also a valuable life skill.

5. “Seek and Destroy”

This Metallica classic is 5th on the list and is known by its variation of titles across live performances. This song was often played live during the Kill ‘Em All for One Tour in 1983. Here’s a guide on how to appreciate “Seek and Destroy”:

  1. Listen for the catchy opening riff that kicks off the song.
  2. Acknowledge Lars Ulrich’s pounding drums throughout the track.
  3. Praise James Hetfield’s aggressive vocals and lyrics.
  4. Appreciate the guitar solos, specifically Kirk Hammett’s.
  5. Bang your head to the intense breakdown section near the end of the song.
  6. Let yourself go wild during the famous call-and-response section between Hetfield and the crowd at live shows.

Additionally, “Seek and Destroy” was included in several famed Metallica albums, such as Ride the Lightning (1984) and S&M (1999). It elicits a punk-metal energy that captures Metallica’s roots.

Don’t hesitate to give this classic a listen if you haven’t already – it will make you feel like you’re at a legendary metal concert.

Why count sheep when you can just listen to ‘Enter Sandman’ and have nightmares?

6. “Enter Sandman”

This iconic Metallica masterpiece, known as the sixth entry on our list, presents a blend of eerie melodies and haunting lyrics. “Enter Sandman” describes the ominous thoughts that haunt us at night and that we must face to enter slumber. This smash hit is the quintessence of Metallica’s signature sound and represents a landmark in their career.

The song brings together James Hetfield’s iconic chants, Kirk Hammett’s wicked riffs, and Lars Ulrich’s thundering drums to create an unforgettable auditory experience. Its pounding instrumental breaks showcase the band members’ incredible talents as musicians.

Fun Fact: The music video for “Enter Sandman” was directed by Wayne Isham and won “Best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Video” at 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.

Even hardcore metal fans shed a tear when ‘Nothing Else Matters‘ comes on – it’s like Metallica’s lullaby for the soul.

7. “Nothing Else Matters”

One of Metallica’s most memorable ballads, the track that sells millions of T-shirts worldwide, which is known for its soothing melody and sensitive lyrics, is the seventh best Metallica song of all time. It has lingered for over three decades, featuring Hetfield’s magnificent solo performance on acoustic guitar while being complimented by a tamer rendition from Kirk Hammett. “Nothing Else Matters” peaked at number 11 in the UK charts but managed to top many others. This track proves Metallica can produce successful mainstream hits without abandoning their roots.

The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity as it was inspired by Hetfield’s long-distance relationship with his then-girlfriend. Initially thought as too vulnerable to be released, it has become a staple for fans worldwide and serves as a reminder that no matter how intense or ferocious an artist may be, they can still possess sensitivity and emotions that resonate deeply with listeners. In fact, the song proved so popular that numerous covers and adaptations have been created with unique renditions by artists such as Davina Michelle.

It’s unimaginable to think what Metallica would have sounded like if this iconic ballad never existed or wasn’t included in albums such as “Metallica,” aka The Black Album”. While not traditional Metallica fare, it proves they can step outside of their usual sound and create one-of-a-kind music that will eternally connect with audiences across generations.

The only thing scarier than Metallica’s ‘Four Horsemen’ is the thought of not having it on this list.

8. “The Four Horsemen”

“The Four Horsemen,” known as the eighth entry on our list of the best Metallica songs, is a heavy metal classic. Here’s a table highlighting some key details:

Column 1 Column 2
Release Year 1983
Album Kill ‘Em All
Length 7:13

One unique aspect of this song is its origins – it was originally written by Dave Mustaine, who went on to found Megadeth after being kicked out of Metallica. Despite this history, “The Four Horsemen” remains a popular and powerful track.

Legend has it that Mustaine’s original lyrics contained references to his pentagram necklace – lyrics which James Hetfield revised while keeping the song’s menacing edge intact.

Perhaps more than any other Metallica tune, “The Four Horsemen” showcases the band’s mastery of thrashing guitars and stomping drums. It’s a true headbanger anthem, and deserving of its place on our list.

Don’t let the title fool you, ‘Sad but True’ is anything but a downer – unless you’re a Metallica song that didn’t make the cut.

9. “Sad but True”

This song’s title is a true reflection of the mood it sets. “Sad but True” moves with an ominous, powerful rhythm that underpins James Hetfield’s lyrics about the more insidious aspects of humanity. The crunchy guitar work and Lars Ulrich’s frenetic drums ramp up the darkness even further. It feels like Metallica found the sound they were searching for, right here.

As one of the standout tracks from their fifth studio album, “Sad but True” has become a fan favorite and an integral part of Metallica’s discography. The eerie opening riff leads into a driving beat that carries through to the unforgettable chorus where Hetfield repeats the haunting refrain “Sad but true”. Combining aggression and intensity, “Sad but True” exemplifies Metallica at their peak.

Notably, behind this song lies an interesting fact – it was originally recorded in C# tuning before being dropped to D when they played it live. The band had been looking for ways to change their sound up since forming in 1981, resulting in different tunings and tempos on subsequent albums. Ultimately, its legacy endures thanks to its ferocious energy and darkly crafted lyrics that keep fans coming back for more.

Even if you’re not a Metallica fan, you have to admit ‘One’ is the perfect song to blast while angrily tapping away at your keyboard.

10. “One”

Metallica’s song “One” has made it to the list of the top 10 best Metallica songs of all time. The track is based on Dalton Trumbo’s novel “Johnny Got His Gun,” and its lyrics depict an injured soldier’s desperate plea to escape the confines of his mind and body.

The haunting melody, heartfelt lyrics, and remarkable drumming by Lars Ulrich make this song a masterpiece.

The overall vibe of “One” is melancholic yet compelling, making it a crowd favourite. The song starts with a slow-paced guitar solo before building up into an intense and emotional chorus. It is also known for its amazing guitar riffs penned down by James Hetfield, which dominate the track throughout.

What sets “One” apart is its unique combination of poignant storytelling and blistering metal instrumentation. It’s a testament to Metallica’s incredible songwriting ability that they could take such a weighty subject matter and turn it into one of their most beloved tracks.

If you haven’t already heard “One,” then you’re missing out on one of Metallica’s crowning achievements. Give it a listen and experience the emotions that went behind creating such an exceptional piece of art.

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