RXK Nephew’s Rihanna-Approved ‘I Love My Girlfriend’ Is Here

RXK Nephew dropped his song “I Love My Girlfriend” as an official single, just weeks after it got a shoutout from Rihanna. In a recent TikTok, the pop star uploaded a video of herself decked out in diamonds and walking, with the track on the soundtrack.

“quiet luxury,” RiRi captioned.

Just as the title describes, the rapper’s song is an ode to the affection he has for his girl.

“That’s my b*tch she just like me / She not gon’ snitch she gon’ take a plea / My seat back I let her drive / Baby shoot the Glock with one eye / Told lil mama f*ck Bonnie and Clyde / Baby me and you are sum’ different,” he raps.

“Walk in that b*tch, me and my b*tch / I’m sippin on henny she fine’ then a lick / It turn me on when my bitch rob / That sh*t sexy when she hold the Glock,” RXK Nephew adds.

As the lyrics suggest, his squeeze is just as into robbing others as he is. This makes him fall for her more and the two embrace the chaos. The song, according to Genius, first appeared on his 2020 mixtape, Crack Therapy 3.

Check out RXK Nephew’s “I Love My Girlfriend” and Rihanna’s TikTok using it above.

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