Taylor Momsen Spotted with Billy Corgan In Photo

During The Smashing Pumpkins’ recent concert in Vienna, the Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen was spotted with Billy Corgan, who recently made some bold comments.

Taylor Momsen poses with Billy Corgan

It has come to light that fronted by model/actress-turned-singer and rhythm guitarist Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless formed in New York City in 2009. With their critically praised fourth album, 2021’s Death By Rock And Roll, the quartet ventured beyond alt.rock boundaries to embrace a more mature sound. In an interview with Louder, Momsen recently opened up on the band’s current European tour as guest of AC/DC. She said:

“One of the band members was driving when he heard, and he almost crashed his car [laughs]. Here’s a great story. Last November my agent asked me about touring. We were starting to make a record, and told him no – not unless AC/DC, The Who or the Rolling Stones called. Christmas and New Year passed, and we were in the studio. Then I get a text from Neil [Warnock, the agent] that says: ‘AC/DC, plus The Pretty Reckless. All [European] shows.’ And I go: ‘Oh shit.’ So we put the record on hold, and I guess we are going on tour.”

AC/DC’s audiences could be pretty unforgiving of support acts and she was asked whether that bothers her. She replied: “We just get up there and do our thing. In that sense we have the same ethic as AC/DC. We’re loud – almost a bar band at the core. I can’t control how others view or perceive us, so I’m not really worried. I get to play music and then watch my favourite band every night. What’s not to love?”

A few weeks back, Taylor Momsen had a very close encounter with a bat while she was performing with her band in Spain last week.The 30-year-old shared an Instagram video on Friday that showed her on stage with her band The Pretty Reckless in Seville when a bat landed on her leg.

“You guys are pointing at something and I don’t know what you’re saying,” Momsen can be heard telling the crowd. Some people were pointing and shouting at her.

After a moment, she realized what was on her leg.

“There’s a f***ing flying bat on my leg right now. Can someone help me please?” she said calmly into the microphone.

Multiple men rushed on stage to help Momsen, who is best known for playing Jenny Humphrey in “Gossip Girl,” as she tried to shield herself from the bat.

“I must really be a witch,” Momsen jokingly told the crowd. “It’s alright and the bat’s fine. He’s gonna be my new friend.”

Following the show, Momsen revealed that she was taken to the hospital for a rabies shot.

“He was cute, but yes, he bit me … so rabies shots for the next two weeks,” she wrote on Instagram.

Momsen thanked the staff at the hospital who she said dubbed her “batgirl” after seeing it on the local news.

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