Kali Uchis Is Back With Moody Re-Recording ‘Never Be Yours’

Kali Uchis has a never-ending well of creative works, or so it appears. The “Moonlight” singer thought she fed her fans’ appetite in January with the release of her latest album, Orquídeas.

But, it turns out, she didn’t. Now, Kali Uchis is back from maternity leave to share the track, “Never Be Yours.” To some, the moody Josh Crocker-produced song may appear to be new. However, Kali Uchis’ day one fans will tell you it is actually an oldie but goodie.

If the lyrics, “Hello Kitty, why the long face? / You keep on standin’, standin’, standin’ in the same place / New coupons, riding in the Chevrolet with big bass / You’re deep on talkin’, talkin’ ’bout how we all lack taste / Beamer, Bentley / Make me, spend me / Nеw chain, you changed / Here’s your rеceipt,” don’t spark a flashback, you must have missed her appearance on the Kinda Neat podcast.

Back in 2014, Kali Uchis performed the record live for the show. The clip has since racked up over twenty-four million views on YouTube. With a snippet of the song currently gaining steam on TikTok, she decided to officially release the record across music platforms, starting with Kali Uchis’ official YouTube page.

Listen to the re-recording of Kali Uchis’ song “Never Be Yours” below.

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