Beatles’ Remixed ‘Revolver’ Box Finally Gets Release Date

The Beatles‘ long-awaited Revolver box set will be released on Oct. 28.

The super deluxe edition of the reissue (five-CD/four-LP) includes a new mix of the album by producer Giles Martin engineer Sam Okell, sourced from the album’s original four-track master tapes. The new audio was developed with the assistance of the sound team at Peter Jackson’s WingNut Films Productions Ltd.

Additionally, the set includes 28 early takes from the LP’s sessions, three home demos, a mono mix of the album sourced from the 1966 mono master tape, a separate four-track EP with new stereo mixes and remastered original mono mixes for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain,” plus a 100-page hardbound book.

The book features a foreword by Paul McCartney (“all in all,” he says, “not a bad album”), as well as an introduction by Giles Martin, an essay from Questlove, an excerpt from Klaus Voorman’s new graphic novel Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon, various rare, previously unreleased photographs, unpublished images of lyric and recording sheets and more.

The reissue is already available for pre-ordering. Ahead of the release, you can hear the new 2022 version of the album’s opening track, “Taxman,” down below. (A full track listing is also available below.)

The original 1966 Revolver album is well known for its groundbreaking recording techniques, including the use of reversed tape. But it’s reliance on four-track technology meant that Martin, son of original Revolver producer George Martin, had to utilize new methods for this reissue. “You know, we have to look into what technology we can do to make things de-mixed and all this kind of stuff, which I’m looking into,” Martin told Variety, noting that he was hoping to do something “really innovative” with the music.

Martin has previously worked on several of the Beatles previous box set releases, including 50th anniversary editions of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (2017), the White Album (2018), Abbey Road (2019) and Let It Be (2021).

This new edition of Revolver, in particular, has been highly anticipated. “There’s such an overwhelming desire to do something with them, by fans,” Martin added. “And at the same time, there’s the thing in the back of your mind: There’s no point in just doing this to make money or as a sales thing, or because we’d done the others. It’s more important that we do it for the right reason.”

The Beatles, ‘Revolver’ (2022 Super Deluxe Edition), Track Listing
CD1: ‘Revolver’ (New stereo mix)
1. “Taxman”
2. “Eleanor Rigby”
3. “I’m Only Sleeping”
4. “Love You To”
5. “Here, There and Everywhere”
6. “Yellow Submarine”
7. “She Said She Said”
8. “Good Day Sunshine”
9. “And Your Bird Can Sing”
10. “For No One”
11. “Doctor Robert”
12. “I Want to Tell You”
13. “Got to Get You Into My Life”
14. “Tomorrow Never Knows”

CD2: Sessions One
1. “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Take 1)
2. “Tomorrow Never Knows” (Mono mix RM 11)
3. “Got to Get You Into My Life” (First version) – Take 5
4. “Got to Get You Into My Life” (Second version) – Unnumbered mix – mono
5. “Got to Get You Into My Life” (Second version) – Take 8
6. “Love You To” (Take 1) – mono
7. “Love You To” (Unnumbered rehearsal) – mono
8. “Love You To” (Take 7)
9. “Paperback Writer” (Takes 1 and 2) – Backing track – mono
10. “Rain” (Take 5 – Actual speed)
11. “Rain” (Take 5 – Slowed down for master tape)
12. “Doctor Robert” (Take 7)
13. “And Your Bird Can Sing” (First version) – Take 2
14. “And Your Bird Can Sing” (First version) – Take 2 (giggling)

CD3: Sessions Two
1. “And Your Bird Can Sing” (Second version) – Take 5
2. “Taxman” (Take 11)
3. “I’m Only Sleeping” (Rehearsal fragment) – mono
4. “I’m Only Sleeping” (Take 2) – mono
5. “I’m Only Sleeping” (Take 5) – mono
6. “I’m Only Sleeping” (Mono mix RM1)
7. “Eleanor Rigby” (Speech before Take 2)
8. “Eleanor Rigby” (Take 2)
9. “For No One” (Take 10) – Backing track
10. “Yellow Submarine” (Songwriting work tape – Part 1) – mono
11. “Yellow Submarine” (Songwriting work tape – Part 2) – mono
12. “Yellow Submarine” (Take 4 before sound effects)
13. “Yellow Submarine” (Highlighted sound effects)
14. “I Want to Tell You” (Speech and Take 4)
15. “Here, There and Everywhere” (Take 6)
16. “She Said She Said” (John’s demo) – mono
17. “She Said She Said” (Take 15) – Backing track rehearsal

CD4: ‘Revolver’ (Original mono master)
Album track list (same as above)

CD5: ‘Revolver’ EP
1. “Paperback Writer” (New stereo mix)
2. “Rain: (New stereo mix)
3. “Paperback Writer” (Original mono mix remastered)
4. “Rain” (Original mono mix remastered)

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