10 Best Chris Tomlin Songs of All Time

Chris Tomlin has become one of the most influential figures in contemporary Christian music, with a career spanning over two decades and numerous chart-topping hits. Known for his heartfelt lyrics and powerful melodies, Tomlin’s music has touched the lives of millions around the globe. His songs are often used in worship services, bringing a modern touch to traditional Christian themes and helping believers connect more deeply with their faith. From his early hits like “How Great Is Our God” to more recent anthems such as “Good Good Father,” Tomlin’s catalog is rich with songs that inspire, uplift, and provide solace. This article delves into the top ten best Chris Tomlin songs of all time, celebrating the tracks that have defined his career and left a lasting impact on the Christian music landscape. Each song on this list showcases Tomlin’s exceptional ability to craft worship music that resonates with a broad audience, making him a staple in the playlists of worship leaders and Christian music enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his music, this selection highlights the very best of Chris Tomlin’s contributions to the genre.

1. Jesus Messiah

“Jesus Messiah” stands as a pinnacle in Chris Tomlin’s illustrious career, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. This timeless anthem beautifully encapsulates the essence of Christian faith, celebrating Jesus Christ as the ultimate savior and Messiah. Tomlin’s heartfelt lyrics, paired with his emotive vocals and uplifting melody, create an unforgettable worship experience that has touched countless lives.

Released as part of his 2008 album “Hello Love,” “Jesus Messiah” swiftly became a cornerstone in contemporary worship music, praised for its simplicity and profound message of redemption. The song’s power lies in its ability to convey reverence and awe while inviting listeners into a deeply personal connection with their faith.

With its enduring popularity, “Jesus Messiah” continues to be a staple in church services, concerts, and personal worship moments globally. It has garnered numerous accolades and remains a cherished favorite among fans of Tomlin’s music. More than just a song, “Jesus Messiah” represents a spiritual journey, drawing believers closer to their beliefs through its evocative lyrics and soul-stirring melody.

2. Even so come

“Even So Come” stands as a poignant declaration of hope and anticipation in Chris Tomlin’s repertoire, resonating deeply with listeners around the world. Released on his 2015 album “Passion: Even So Come,” this worship anthem captures the essence of longing for the return of Jesus Christ. Tomlin’s emotive vocals and powerful lyrics convey a sense of urgency and expectation, inviting believers to unite in faith and anticipation of the promised redemption.

The song’s profound message is underscored by its stirring melody and evocative instrumentation, creating an atmosphere of reverence and surrender in both church gatherings and personal worship settings. Its impact extends beyond musical appreciation, serving as a catalyst for spiritual reflection and renewal among listeners.

“Even So Come” has garnered widespread acclaim for its lyrical depth and emotive delivery, solidifying its place as a beloved favorite among Chris Tomlin’s repertoire. It continues to inspire and uplift audiences, reinforcing the enduring themes of faith, hope, and the promise of eternal glory.

3. All to us

“All to Us” exemplifies Chris Tomlin’s ability to craft worship songs that resonate deeply with spiritual seekers and believers alike. Featured on his 2013 album “Burning Lights,” this powerful anthem celebrates God’s sovereignty and majesty while emphasizing the devotion and surrender of His people. Tomlin’s distinctive voice and heartfelt lyrics capture the essence of communal worship, inviting listeners to join in praise and adoration.

The song’s emotive melody and stirring orchestration create a sacred atmosphere, making it a staple in church services and gatherings worldwide. Its lyrics reflect themes of humility, gratitude, and reverence, prompting reflection on the boundless love and grace of God.

Through “All to Us,” Chris Tomlin encourages a deeper connection with faith and community, inspiring listeners to offer their lives wholeheartedly to God. The song’s enduring popularity lies in its ability to evoke a profound sense of awe and wonder, resonating with those seeking spiritual solace and renewal.

As a testament to Tomlin’s impact on contemporary Christian music, “All to Us” continues to uplift and inspire, reaffirming the eternal truths of faith and devotion with each heartfelt note and lyric.

4. At the cross (love ran red)

“At the Cross (Love Ran Red)” stands as a defining moment in Chris Tomlin’s music career, capturing the essence of Christian faith and redemption through its powerful lyrics and evocative melody. Featured on his 2014 album “Love Ran Red,” this worship anthem poignantly portrays the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Tomlin’s heartfelt vocals and soul-stirring instrumentation create an atmosphere of reverence and contemplation, inviting listeners to reflect on the profound sacrifice and unconditional love demonstrated at Calvary. The song’s chorus, “At the cross, at the cross, I surrender my life. I’m in awe of You, I’m in awe of You,” resonates deeply with its portrayal of surrender and adoration.

“Love Ran Red” has resonated with audiences worldwide, becoming a cherished favorite in both church worship services and personal devotion times. Its lyrical depth and emotional resonance reinforce the central themes of grace, forgiveness, and salvation, making it a poignant reminder of God’s enduring love for humanity.

Through “At the Cross (Love Ran Red),” Chris Tomlin continues to inspire and uplift listeners, encouraging a deeper connection with faith and the transformative power of the Gospel message. The song remains a timeless declaration of hope and redemption, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds across generations.

5. Our God

“Our God” stands as a monumental anthem in Chris Tomlin’s catalog, revered for its powerful message of praise and worship. Released on the 2010 album “And If Our God Is For Us…,” this song has become a cornerstone in contemporary Christian music, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.

Tomlin’s impassioned vocals and the song’s dynamic melody create an electrifying atmosphere, inspiring believers to lift their voices in adoration and exaltation. The lyrics proclaim God’s omnipotence and faithfulness, declaring, “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God, You are higher than any other.”

“Our God” has transcended musical boundaries to become a staple in church services, conferences, and worship gatherings, where its stirring chorus prompts congregational unity and spiritual renewal. Its profound impact lies in its ability to ignite faith and reaffirm the foundational truths of God’s sovereignty and love.

As one of Chris Tomlin’s most acclaimed songs, “Our God” continues to empower and uplift listeners, reinforcing the belief that God is indeed greater and worthy of all praise. Its enduring popularity underscores its timeless relevance and significance in contemporary worship music.

6. Not To Us

“Not To Us” from Chris Tomlin’s 2002 album of the same name is a stirring anthem of humility and devotion in worship. Known for its heartfelt lyrics and earnest melody, the song emphasizes the greatness of God while acknowledging human frailty and insignificance.

Tomlin’s sincere vocals lead listeners in a reflective journey, urging them to focus not on themselves but on the magnificence of God’s glory. The lyrics resonate with themes of surrender and awe, echoing the sentiment, “Not to us, but to Your name be the glory.”

The song’s simplicity and sincerity make it a favorite in church services and personal worship moments, where its message encourages believers to relinquish pride and exalt God above all else. Its gentle yet profound melody and resonant lyrics evoke a sense of reverence and gratitude, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Through “Not To Us,” Chris Tomlin invites listeners to embrace humility and recognize God’s supremacy, affirming that true fulfillment and purpose are found in surrendering to His will. The song remains a timeless reminder of the transformative power of worship and continues to inspire faith and devotion among audiences worldwide.

7. We fall down

“We Fall Down” is a poignant worship song by Chris Tomlin that resonates with its message of humility and grace. Initially featured on Tomlin’s 2001 album “The Noise We Make,” the song quickly became a beloved favorite in both church congregations and personal worship settings.

Tomlin’s heartfelt vocals and the song’s gentle melody create a reverent atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on their own shortcomings and the overwhelming forgiveness found in God’s presence. The lyrics, “We fall down, we lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus,” encapsulate a profound sense of surrender and adoration, emphasizing the divine exchange where human weakness meets divine mercy.

The song’s enduring popularity stems from its universal message of repentance and gratitude, resonating deeply with believers seeking spiritual renewal and reconciliation. Its emotive lyrics and soothing instrumentation evoke a sense of humility and awe, fostering a deeper connection with God’s unconditional love.

“We Fall Down” continues to inspire and uplift listeners, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and seek God’s forgiveness and grace. As a testament to Chris Tomlin’s impactful music ministry, the song remains a timeless expression of faith and surrender, reminding us of the transformative power of encountering God’s mercy.

8. How Great is Our God

“How Great is Our God” stands as an iconic worship anthem by Chris Tomlin, celebrated globally for its profound message and uplifting melody. Released on the 2004 album “Arriving,” this song has become a cornerstone in contemporary Christian music, resonating deeply with believers of all ages and backgrounds.

Tomlin’s impassioned vocals and the song’s powerful chorus—”How great is our God, sing with me how great is our God, and all will see how great, how great is our God”—invite listeners into a collective declaration of God’s majesty and sovereignty. The lyrics explore the vastness of God’s attributes and magnify His unmatched greatness, prompting awe and reverence in those who sing along.

Beyond its musical excellence, “How Great is Our God” has transcended cultural and linguistic boundaries, becoming a staple in worship services, concerts, and global gatherings of faith. Its universal appeal lies in its ability to unite diverse communities in worship, celebrating the unchanging character of God amidst life’s challenges and triumphs.

Chris Tomlin’s enduring impact with “How Great is Our God” underscores its timeless relevance and significance in contemporary worship music, inspiring believers to proclaim and exalt the greatness of God with heartfelt sincerity and joy.

9. Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger ground)

“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” is a cherished Christmas song by Chris Tomlin, renowned for its evocative portrayal of the birth of Jesus Christ. Featured on his 2006 album “Glory in the Highest: Christmas Songs of Worship,” this heartfelt hymn transports listeners to the humble manger scene where hope and redemption entered the world.

Tomlin’s emotive vocals and the song’s gentle melody create a sacred atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on the significance of Jesus’ birth. The lyrics, “Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God incarnate, here to dwell,” celebrate the incarnation of God’s love and grace in the form of a vulnerable child, marking a pivotal moment in human history.

“Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” resonates deeply with its message of divine presence and redemption, offering comfort and hope during the Christmas season and beyond. Its reverent tone and poignant lyrics inspire reverence and gratitude, encouraging believers to embrace the miraculous gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

As a beloved addition to Chris Tomlin’s repertoire, “Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)” continues to captivate audiences with its timeless portrayal of God’s love manifested in the birth of Jesus. It remains a cherished hymn that invites listeners to worship and adore the Savior who came to dwell among us.

10. Enough

“Enough” by Chris Tomlin is a worship song that beautifully encapsulates a deep sense of contentment and surrender in God’s presence. Released on his 2002 album “Not to Us,” the song has become a staple in church services and personal devotional times, resonating with its simple yet profound message.

Tomlin’s gentle vocals and the song’s soothing melody create a peaceful atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on the sufficiency of God’s love and grace. The lyrics, “All of you is more than enough for all of me, for every thirst and every need,” express a heartfelt acknowledgment of God’s provision and faithfulness.

“Enough” encourages believers to find fulfillment and peace in God alone, emphasizing trust in His goodness and sufficiency in every circumstance. Its gentle rhythm and heartfelt lyrics inspire a spirit of gratitude and worship, fostering a deeper connection with God’s unwavering presence.

As a testament to Chris Tomlin’s ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with the soul, “Enough” continues to uplift and inspire listeners, reminding them of the abiding comfort and satisfaction found in God’s unfailing love.

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