Tom DeLonge Mocks Creed With Josh Homme

Blink-182 legend Mark Hoppus spoke about Tom DeLonge becoming friends with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. However, he also revealed that he couldn’t bond with Arcade Fire frontman, Win Butler.

Tom DeLonge and Josh Homme joke about Creed

During After School Radio, Mark Hoppus recalled that he had texted Win Butler once but the latter ghosted him. He said:

“Can I say the friends that we met on this last tour, we hung out with Queens of Stone
Age. We hang out with Arcade Fire. The other day, Sky and I were making dinner and Arcade Fire came on our playlist and I texted Win [Butler], the singer from Arcade Fire that, ‘hey man, miss you guys. Sky and I are here. We’re cooking dinner and Arcade Fire came on. It’s a perfect vibe. Hope you guys are great. Miss you. Love you.’ Ghosted me. Not one response. Nothing.” I got big time by Win. I don’t know. Maybe change his number. Maybe he just saw one of our shows. He’s like, ‘you know what? I actually don’t like those guys.’

He added: “Oh, the other part of that story is that Tom and Josh from Queens of Stone Age started texting and they’re like best friends, text buddies now. They send funny memes back and forth. Most of them are about the band Creed. And they formed a real bond, but me and Win can’t connect. He’s a different way of life”, added Mark.

Creed have been gaining traction with each passing week in America as they embark on their reunion tour. Creed were one of rock’s most popular bands before breaking up, before later reuniting, and then breaking up again.

They are back in a major way, and their fans are reacting to their reformation by streaming the songs that made them stars in the first place. Creed’s Greatest Hits compilation is on the rise, as fans are remembering why they loved the band in the first place.

Creed has also managed to break back into the top 40 on one ranking in particular. The group’s Greatest Hits has returned to the place that defines when charting titles become hits on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums tally. On that list, the set improves from No. 48 to No. 40.

In the coming weeks, Greatest Hits could return to its previously set peak on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums chart. The set has thus far climbed to No. 33, which isn’t far from where the title sits at the moment.

Creed’s compilation is also surging on several other charts. Its performance is most impressive on the Billboard 200, the all-genre consumption ranking of the most popular albums in the country. This time around, Greatest Hits lifts 25 spaces–a notable leap for any years-old collection. The album settles at No. 166 thanks to a more than 12% increase in total consumption.

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