TALLAH Continues Down Their Nü Path With “Shaken Not Stirred”


Tallah is now streaming their new single “Shaken Not Stirred,” whose lyrics are not about James Bond from what I can tell. What I do know is this – “Shaken Not Stirred” sounds like Mudvayne and Slipknot got into a fight and ended up writing a catchy chorus somewhere between the punches. And speaking of punches, that end breakdown is gonna cause some.

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“‘Shaken’ is a song built on hooks,” said Tallah drummer, Max Portnoy. “We spent a ton of time perfecting the chorus, bringing it to a place we felt was super memorable while still retaining the darkness and heaviness that the rest of the record has. It made for what I believe is the best hook we’ve written so far. And the hook from the main guitar riff is just as strong. It’s a top tier track in my opinion.”

Pre-orders for Tallah‘s new album The Generation Of Danger are available here.

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