Ray J Says Diddy Needs a ‘Public Whooping’ for Assaulting Cassie

Ray J recently shared his two cents about his former good friend Diddy‘s past abusive behavior. The “One Wish” crooner said the disgraced business mogul needs a “public whooping” for assaulting former girlfriend Cassie.

Ray J Wants Diddy to Physically Pay the Price for Hurting Cassie

On Wednesday (June 5), the Club Shay Shay podcast aired its latest episode on YouTube featuring Ray J. At one point of the lengthy discussion, which can be seen below, NFL legend Shannon Sharpe asked the R&B singer how he felt about the ongoing allegations against Diddy and his violent acts against Cassie. In response, Ray J issued an apology to the singer for being unaware of Sean Comb’s abuse towards her while he was present.

“Cassie you are strong,” Ray J said at the 2:37:58 mark of the video below. “And you know we’re talking about your situation, so with all due respect, I’m sorry for everything that you encountered. I’ve been around you. I’ve been around y’all. I never knew, you know what I’m saying? I apologize for even just for even continuing to just be around.”

Elsewhere in their sit-down, Ray J spoke on the disturbing footage that CNN obtained of Diddy physically assaulting Cassie in 2016. He said that the Bad Boy exec would only be truly forgiven by the public if he received a beating for putting his hands on the singer.

“The homie needs a public whooping,” Ray J expressed at the 2:40:14 of the video. “It’s the only way it’s gonna be right. With a public whooping.”

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Video Shows Diddy Physically Harming Cassie

On May 17, CNN released footage from 2016 in which Diddy is seen viciously assaulting Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel. In the video, Diddy runs after the singer as she walks briskly down a hallway in an attempt to leave. Once Diddy catches up with Cassie, he snatches her by the back of her neck and tosses her to the ground. Afterward, he kicks her multiple times before dragging her by the shirt.

Ray J Explains Why Celebrities Aren’t Speaking About Allegations Against Diddy

Although Ray J vowed in his new interview with Shannon Sharpe that he’d never be cool with the Bad Boy Records founder again, he seemed to reserve judgement after explaining why celebrities weren’t speaking up about the allegations against Diddy prior to the viral video being released.

On April 6, TMZ stopped Ray J to speak about Diddy’s legal battles and asked why notable figures weren’t sharing their thoughts on the matter.

“I think a lot of people are just trying to understand it. Understand what is and what’s not, you know,” Ray J said at the 30-second mark of the video. “It’s still a big question mark.” The video can be seen below.

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Take a look at Ray J talking about Diddy’s troubles below.

Watch Ray J Say That Diddy Needs a “Public Whooping” for Assaulting Cassie

 Watch Ray J Explain Why Celebrities Are Not Speaking Out on Diddy Allegations

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