50 Cent, Eminem & More Get 1950s Remix Of Songs, Goes Viral

50 Cent’s breakout hit “In Da Club” isn’t the only song to get the AI remix treatment today. Remakes of faves from Eminem, Tupac, UGK, and more were remade in the style of 1950s doo-wop and rock hits, and are going viral on social media as fans are delighted by the juxtaposition of modern lyrics and songwriting philosophies with sounds that evoke a more wholesome time — at least, in comparison.

After all, rock and roll stars like Chuck Berry and Little Richard were plenty controversial in their day, much the same way Eminem drew fire for his deliberately provocative lyrics. Singers like Sam Cooke tackled divisive sociopolitical topics the same way Tupac did, and it’s important to remember that even Elvis — the original Eminem — were largely considered sex symbols whose work was too racy for the relatively conservative climate of the midcentury, even if they’re considered pretty tame by today’s standards. Check out some of the remakes below.

Lil Wayne: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799284198005706961/video/1
Tupac: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799548625107718366/video/1
Eminem: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799656245974225099/video/1
Ugk: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799670328399974413/video/1
Young Thug: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799865845876703405/video/1
50 Cent: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1799895616765694195/video/1
Sisqo: https://twitter.com/AllHHSessions/status/1800049570568913201/video/1

AI in music has been considered a bit of a hot topic recently, with AI-generated songs drawing both derision and acclaim as the works become more popular. However, there are still plenty of fans and music industry professionals who see a need for legislation to control how and when AI can be used, before it’s too late.

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