System of a Down New Album In 2024?

System Of A Down might be considering dropping a new album, but there may still be troubles in the water when it comes to just how much say each member has in the band.

Gone are the days of System Of A Down topping the metal charts. The band released hit after hit in the early 2000’s, but have been on a hiatus for years now. While the band has had some one-off shows here and there; they really haven’t been a solid unit for quite some time.

System of a Down released two new songs

In November of 2020 the band did release a two song EP featuring “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz,” which was a nod to the current climate of Armenian genocide that still continued to happen. After these two songs came out, many fans suspected that the band was back and ready for a new studio record. Sadly, almost four years later and we are all still left with not having a full album to show for it.

Serj recently released a new book “Down With The System,” where he went deep into the ins and outs of just what happened with the quirky metal group. Serj ended up spilling some harsh truths for fans in the book and in a recent interview with Blabbermouth.

The biggest question that fans have had about the future of the band is “What will it take for the group to get back to being a full time ordeal?” Serj, answering this question, almost hearing everyone in unison stated via Blabbermouth: “Egalitarian approach to everything within the band. [In other words] kind of more equality in terms of sourcing of the music, in terms of splitting everything, including publishing, in terms of ideas, in terms of sharing the vision — that kind of stuff.”

The question was conveyed to Serj via the Jesea Lee show on YouTube.

Is it feasible for the band to get back together? As of now, it doesn’t seem very likely. Serj has had a fruitful career for years without System Of A Down and Daron Malakian has created a great solo career for himself as well.

There is obviously still a need for System Of A Down today, but with age, differences, issues, conflicting political views and much more…It seems that we may not get to see a new album for at least a good amount of time now. For that, we still have our fingers crossed.

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