Steve-O Teased Explicit Tattoo Post Malone Will Give Him

Last year, The Kid Laroi showed GQ the tattoo that Post Malone drew onto his thigh, and it was “a stick figure cowboy that has angel wings and is wearing clogs.” Steve-O’s entire persona is based upon upping the ante to an absurd or dangerous degree, so, of course, his purported Post Malone-drawn tattoo would blow Laroi’s out of the water.

Steve-O will turn 50 on Thursday, June 13, and he shared his celebratory plans with Page Six.

“I’m getting my first face tattoo,” the Jackass star said. “Post Malone is going to tattoo a d*ck on my forehead.

He continued, “That’s the plan. He asked, ‘Is it going to be a ch*de?’ And I don’t even know what a ch*de is!”

Steve-O explained that he’d already “designed” the tattoo and plans to get it at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, where Post Malone will headline on Friday, June 14.

Of course, this is Steve-O. It is always on the board that he’s trolling everyone and has absolutely no intention to get an explicit image permanently plastered onto his forehead. But, if any two people were to do this, it would absolutely be Post Malone and Steve-O. They already have gave each other matching “Ghost Malone” tattoos in 2022, as seen in this video.

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