After dropping their first new music since 2019 earlier this year, Say Anything have now shared details of their forthcoming album.

Image credit: Ben Trivett

Titled ‘…Is Committed’, the new album features brand-new tune ‘Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent)’, which arrives today.

It’s also set to feature previous singles ‘Psyche!’ and ‘Are You (In) There?’

Whilst no official release date has been given just yet, we do know the new record sees Say Anything frontman Max Bemis reuniting with producer Brad Wood, who produced the band’s ‘In Defense Of The Genre’ LP.

Have a listen to new track ‘Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent)’ below.

Explaining the new tune and its influences, Bemis has said: 

“‘Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent)’ is named (with the brevity of an early Minus the Bear track) after my affinity for Sufjan Steven’s titular album about HIS Mommy issues. 

“I adore my mom to death and grew up both sparring and worshiping her, enmeshing myself in both her emotional genius and warmth and the wealth of generational trauma she inherited from her Holocaust-laden family. 

“It took until middle age for us to get into our first real (heinous) fight, replete with actual stakes and a brief ‘let’s pretend we’re never going to talk again’ period. 

“I wrote this song, and much of our forthcoming record, during a period of such searing trauma and loneliness that not having my parental BFF by my proverbial side felt like an affront even if my mom was just trying to deal with other issues that come with being a child-soul with grown-person decisions to make…. Just like her bipolar pervert of a son. 

“We in the SA camp figured serving y’all a spazzy, weird one after that last poppy jam would be fun, too, so here it is, with all the time changes and Sherri vocals you’ve come to expect.”

Next week, the band will return to Los Angeles – the city where they formed more than twenty years ago – for three nights at The Regent, beginning on October 17, 

They’ll then be heading to Las Vegas for two highly anticipated performances at the sold out When We Were Young Festival, taking place on October 21 and 22.

See the full ‘…Is Committed’ track-listing below.

1. Introduction to the Reunion Record 

2. Psyche! 

3. Are (You) In There? 

4. Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent) 

5. I, Vibrator 

6. Auto-Harmonic Ass Fixation

7. We Say Grace in This Goddamn Band, Mister 

8. Say Anything, Collectively, Made Love to God 

9. Nardo 

10. On Cum 

11. Decent Scar, Brah 

12. Woman’s Song 

13. Fan Fiction