Pearl Jam Member Injures Ribs After Sad Fall

Eddie Vedder performs with Pearl Jam live in Vancouver.

Josh Klinghoffer recently joined in for an interview on Bob Forrest’s Don’t Die podcast and mentioned that Mike McCready injured his ribs during a recent fall mid-concert.

Mike McCready suffered injury

Pearl Jam recently kicked off their US tour and for guitarist Mike McCready, things got a bit problematic as he tumbled off stage during his solo in Porch. However, it didn’t stop him from shredding.

Playing at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, the Seattle heavyweights were on the verge of finishing up their concert with Porch the final song before their encore – when the incident happened.

Armed with a sunburst Les Paul, McCready had already set his fretboard alight several times throughout the track, from 1991’s iconic Ten, when he decided to venture towards the corner of the stage.

Suddenly, McCready vanished out of sight amid a whir of feedback, with only the headstock of his guitar in sight. Then, a quick-off-the-mark roadie pulls him back onto the stage, with McCready soling through the entire affair, much to the jubilation of the arena.

He had screaming feedback to contend with and there was a determination to carry on shredding, and it doesn’t sound like he missed a note while gravity got one over him.

Despite the fall, it was a fierce performance from McCready, peppering the song with shred, leaving one YouTube commenter to ask “Dude, did Mike get possessed by Eddie Van Halen? He went off there!”

McCready, who was recently bestowed a gorgeous signature Stratocaster, channeled Van Halen on his recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show as he shredded EVH’s Eruption.

He also talked about the story of how Van Halen told him that he hated the sound of their debut record during a chance meeting at an LA recording studio as the band ramped up the promo for their 12th album, Dark Matter. The tour continues in Portland and Sacramento this week before two dates in Las Vegas next week. Now fully familiar with the stage’s geography, Guitar World expects McCready to tear through those shows on both feet.

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