Eddie Vedder Gets Emotional In Political Video

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently got a bit emotional and gave a moving speech to the fans when they brought their Dark Matter world tour to Seattle on May 30. This is the same show where frontman Eddie Vedder played an emotional acoustic version of Nine Inch Nails classic ‘Hurt’ and dedicated to friends the group had lost in their hometown.

Eddie Vedder gives a political speech

During the show as seen in a Reddit clip, Vedder emphasized the importance of unity and commonality in life and highlighted the importance of music and unity to share with others. He said:

“The biggest thing, this right here is something that we can never for a second take for granted. So beautiful. I was thinking about this the other night. And you know, to look around and to see you all and to see this crowd, our town, our neighborhood of our city.
You know, and we pass each other in our cars. You know, bringing our kids to school and going to the grocery store. You know, we’re in the car next to you. And I was thinking it’s funny when I hear someone else play our music. But now I try to get that attention to..”

He added: “And to see us here tonight and to see this on together on Tuesday. And all this big room. You know, these kind of nights are commonality is music. But every day our commonality is life. Through for our kids ourselves, the ability to raise and educate a child, the freedom to love any gender, any identity. We are so very much the same in our needs.
We are unified tonight in music, but every day we are unified with the simple things.”

He further talked about the responsibility of communication and the need to resist division and insidious use of power. Here is what he said:

“And let me scream this out. We cannot let ourselves be divided. To have the ability and the microphone to communicate, it’s not a gift. It’s a responsibility. And we would like to use it to say, that we are being divided and we should not be. We should not be. With all this chaos, we need to come together amongst all the chaos. Whoever, it’s insidious. We can’t let it happen. And we should refuse to be used by a desperate politician. We are so proud of ourselves.”

Eddie Vedder urged the fans to unite and vote. He wants people to stand against division and doesn’t want the people to get divided by fear and get used. He also talked about the evolving tech and AI. He further emphasizes the importance of standing up against division and expressing hope for a better future.  Vedder believes that hope dies last and feels people must feel alive on this beautiful planet.

He explained: “When we are divided, we are divided. We need to be held accountable. We outnumber them. And if we let ourselves be divided, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You can be guaranteed that any kind of apathy will be taken advantage of. We will be divided by fear. We can’t let it happen. We will be spun out by misinformation and driven apart. We cannot let that happen. So, if we can get together as a people, as humans, on this rarest of all planets with our powerful eyes and say, we will not be divided and we will not be used,
because there is no them. There is us. So, reach out. We have to vote, obviously, at vote policy.

He added: It’s 2024, and we are living in the future. And with tech and AI, we have to step up, as organic human beings, and demand that our human beings are being looked after.
And if you are someone who is dividing us, we divide from you. We cannot say anything.
We cannot apologize for being hopeful. And we are not going to quit. And hope dies last.
And this is an important time, there are important days in history. So, let’s live alive.
And our best, we are beautiful people. And a beautiful planet. I see, I witness, I feel.

Pearl Jam are set to go on a tour on June 22 with a show at Dublin, Ireland’s Marlay Park, opening a nine-stop European tour that will keep the band on the road through July 13. Following that, the group will make a comeback to the U.S., performing at high-profile stages in August and September. For more information on the Dark Matter World Tour, visit pearljam.com/tour.

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