DESTRUCTION Streams New Single “No Kings

Destruction wrapped up their 40 Years Of Destruction tour in 2023 and immediately got to work on new music. Destruction is now streaming their new single “No Kings – No Masters” alongside the announcement of a new 12″ featuring that and a cover of Accept‘s “Fast As A Shark”.

“The new single starts the countdown for the new album a bit early, but we wanted to show our fans that we are working on a kick ass new record!” said Destruction mastermind Schmier. “Yes, it will be worth the wait: ‘No Kings – No Masters’ is a razor-sharp riff monster with tons of crushing guitars and neck-breaking speed! Next Level DESTRUCTION!!! We hope this beast will keep you excited for the new output in early 2025 – PLAY IT LOUD!!!”

Get the “No Kings – No Masters” 12″ here. The new single is very in line with comments made by Schmier during a 2023 interview with iRock – namely that Destruction ain’t slowing down anytime soon.

“In Germany, we say, ‘Don’t change your winning recipe. Stick to the guns. Stick to what you can do best.’ And for me, what I can do best is playing thrash metal,” said Schmier. “Every album we do sounds a little bit different, but it always will sound like Destruction.

“When you get older, it’s very easy to slow down. A lot of musicians, when they [get] older, they wanna slow down; they wanna play blues; they wanna play more mellow music. For me, that’s never been the case. I think the older you [get], the more you go crazy about it. You wanna still show the young kids how it’s done. When we go out there to the festivals, we compete… To all those young bands, I could be [their] father, so I have to be the role model. So that’s how I see it. Slowing down and changing something is not what we do.”

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