This New CLIFF BURTON Action Figure From Super7 Looks Amazing

There’s a really cool new action figure coming our way from the folks at Super7: a Cliff Burton replica that comes with three interchangeable heads; a standard Cliff, and two variations of headbanging; a bass guitar and strap; nine interchangeable hands positioned in every way imaginable, including fists, open hands, and even a middle finger for that extra metal up yer ass! Also, did I mention the hammer?! Man, this thing kicks ass.

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At $55 bucks, it’s damn near a steal, and you can get yours now at the Super7 website. Super7 will be issuing the Burton action figure under its “Ultimates!” line, and the release this weekend coincides with what would have been Burton‘s 61st birthday on February 10. You can check out some images below, as well as a video featuring Super7 marketing team member Brian Lew (Murder in the Front Row) talking about some of the action figure’s many features [via Super 7].

Super7 expects the action figures to ship late winter/early spring of 2023. There is a pre-order window from Super7 open through March 10, but don’t snooze and wind up getting shut out of this dope collectible. Also, proceeds from this figure will benefit the Cliff Burton Music Scholarship Fund, which is great news.

This past Friday (February 10) was “Cliff Burton Day” in his hometown of Castro Valley, CA. It was first dedicated in honor of the late Metallica bassist in 2018, and this year was celebrated with a series of online events. An awesome charity t-shirt to commemorate the 2023 festivities is still available for pre-order. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales will also go towards supporting the Cliff Burton Music Scholarship, which is awarded by the Cliff Burton family.

Burton was featured on Metallica‘s first three LPs—Kill ‘Em AllRide the Lightning, and Master of Puppets. He died in a tragic bus accident while on tour with Metallica in Europe in 1986.

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