Soundgarden Final Unreleased Album: All 7 Songs

The long-awaited release of Soundgarden and Chris Cornell’s final album may be on the horizon, after a momentous truce in the legal tussle between Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, the late frontman’s widow. Fans have been eager to hear just what Chris Cornell and the band had hiding away for what seems like forever, but now we may have some movement that can ensure that every fan is taken care of in the best way possible.

After months of dispute over the fate of seven unreleased tracks, recorded in the intimate confines of Cornell’s Florida home studio in 2017, a statement posted on Cornell’s Instagram account confirmed a resolution has been reached last year. The statement stated: “Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell, representing the Estate of Chris Cornell, joyfully announce the amicable resolution reached outside the courtroom. This reconciliation heralds a fresh partnership between the two entities, allowing Soundgarden enthusiasts worldwide to savor the final melodies crafted by the band and Chris.”

As this uphill battle of a chapter closed it seemed like all was back to where it belonged in the world of Soundgarden, so that we, the fans will hopefully finally sleep at night knowing that Chris’ legacy was in tact and his final recordings were heard.

Soundgarden vs. Vicky Cornell in court

The settlement seemingly brought to close a contentious legal saga revolving around the status of the seven compositions. Vicky Cornell argued that they were not exclusively intended for Soundgarden, while the band asserted that much of the material originated from collaborative writing and recording sessions dating back to 2015. Despite this settlement, Soundgarden indicated this year that another snag was hit in releasing the recordings, so hopefully the matter is solved soon.

Soundgarden final album tracklisting

The long-awaited tracks include: “Cancer” and “Stone Age Mind” penned solely by Cornell; “Road Less Traveled,” “Orphans,” and “At Ophians Door” crafted alongside drummer Matt Cameron; “Ahead Of The Dog” in collaboration with guitarist Kim Thayil; and “Merrmas” co-written with bassist Ben Shepherd via word from Rolling Stone.

With those tracks in mind, In an interview conducted with Chris Cornell in late January 2017, the frontman remained enigmatic, describing the songs as “interesting” and noting that they deviated from the band’s previous work while still retaining their signature sound. Two years later, as Soundgarden encountered obstacles in securing Cornell’s final vocal recordings, guitarist Kim Thayil provided further insight.

Soundgarden new album will follow King Animal

“King Animal,” of course, had a mixed bag of reviews, but upon more listening in the later years; still was able to stand on its own in the Soundgarden catalogue.

Kim Thayil has expressed confidence that once he, drummer Matt Cameron, and bassist Ben Shepherd contributed their parts, the songs would likely evolve into heavier, darker, and perhaps more experimental territory.

Despite the hints, a concrete release date for the recordings is yet to be announced, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates on the culmination of Soundgarden’s final musical chapter.

Last July, Vicky Cornell provided a glimpse into Chris’s musical aspirations, revealing his admiration for Adele and her renowned Tiny Desk performance, hinting at a departure from his usual sonic palette.

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