Blueface Being Called Zesty for Writing Jaidyn Alexis’ ‘Barbie’

Blueface is reacting to being called zesty for penning Jaidyn Alexis’ new single “Barbie.”

Blueface Responds to Backlash for Writing “Barbie”

On Sunday (Oct. 8), Blueface went on Instagram to address backlash he received for writing the lyrics to his two oldest children’s mother’s new song, “Barbie.”

“I’m a bad little b***h and I’m snipped like a Barbie. Tits, lips, a**,'” Blueface raps in the video below, reciting lyrics to “Barbie.” “Come one, cuh. Y’all really think I wrote that? I’m a whole [throws up gang sings] out here, cuh. You really think I wrote that? Dead homies? That’s disrespectful, cuh.”

Blueface then asks Jaidyn to confirm she is behind the lines, to which she responds, “That’s my s**t.”

“So, y’all calling a n**ga zesty, cuh?” continues. “That’s what y’all saying? Dead homies? School Yard Crip? That n***a that just [makes motion of pulling out gun and throwing punches]? The n***a that do all the issues? Y’all calling me zesty, cuh? So, if I wrote them lyrics, that mean I’m zesty?”

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Jaidyn Alexis’ “Barbie” Song

Jaidyn Alexis released her new single “Barbie” via Blueface’s Milf Music record label on Oct. 2. The songs features lines like, “I’m a bad lil’ b***h and I’m snipped like a Barbie (Yeah)/Hips, lips, a**, in a Cartier (Aight),” and “I’ll eat a d**k before I ever pay the bills (Bills)/I’m a wife, you a trife b***h, sis need to heel.”

According to the writing credits on Spotify, Blueface, born Johnathan Porter, did write the song.

Jaidyn Alexis “Barbie” song credit.


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See Blueface’s reaction to being called zesty for writing Jaidyn Alexis’ new song below.

Watch Blueface Respond to Backlash for Writing “Barbie”

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