10 Best Michael W Smith Songs of All Time

Michael W. Smith, a name synonymous with the contemporary Christian music genre, has graced our hearts and souls for decades with his unparalleled musical talent and profound spiritual lyrics. In this article, we embark on a soul-stirring journey through the illustrious career of one of Christian music’s most iconic figures. As we delve into the “Top 10 Best Michael W. Smith Songs of All Time,” we will celebrate the enduring impact of his music on listeners across the globe.

Smith’s career has spanned over four decades, during which he has consistently delivered songs that not only resonate with the Christian faith but also transcend it, touching the lives of people from all walks of life. His music is a testament to his extraordinary gift for blending emotive melodies with powerful messages of hope, faith, and love. From his early beginnings as a songwriter and performer to his later ventures into various musical styles and collaborations, Michael W. Smith’s catalog is a treasure trove of musical gems.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the timeless classics that have defined Michael W. Smith’s legacy, exploring the stories behind these songs, their impact on listeners, and the enduring relevance of his music in a world hungry for inspiration and spiritual connection. Join us as we count down the top ten songs that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of Michael W. Smith’s devoted fans and continue to inspire generations to come.

1. There She Stands

“There She Stands” is one of Michael W. Smith’s most meaningful and impactful compositions. This anthem celebrates America’s resilience and strength. The song has soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics that remind listeners of the nation’s spirit and patriotism.

It conveys a message of resilience and perseverance. It serves as a reminder of individuals’ ability to overcome obstacles and challenges. One example of this is a young soldier returning from Afghanistan. He was welcomed home with this inspiring song. It made him feel pride for his country and determination to make it better.

“There She Stands” is an anthem for many people. Its captivating melodies and profound lyrics continue to inspire and uplift. This song is a testament to Michael W. Smith’s musical legacy and impact.

2. I’ll wait for you

We’ll explore the 10 Best Michael W Smith songs of all time. Starting with “I’ll Wait for You“, we’ll dive into its heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody.

This track is a tender ballad, showing Smith’s power to convey emotions through music. Its lyrics tell a story of enduring love and dedication.

The piano arrangement gives a gentle feel. His soulful vocals, subtle harmonies and orchestral elements create an atmosphere of vulnerability and longing.

It’s best to listen to it in a quiet and reflective environment to appreciate its beauty. Immerse yourself in the soft melodies and introspective lyrics to experience the emotion Smith conveys.

The song has a relatable message that appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re going through a difficult period in your relationship or seeking solace in music, “I’ll Wait for You” offers comfort and reassurance.

3. Open the Eyes of My Heart

Michael W Smith’s ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart’ is a beloved anthem with millions of fans worldwide. Its captivating melody and poignant lyrics touch the depths of one’s soul and invite true worship. It transcends boundaries of beliefs and speaks to the core desire for spiritual enlightenment.

Every element of this song works together harmoniously to create a transformative musical experience. To best appreciate it, find a peaceful place and let the music open your heart and awaken your spirit. You won’t regret it!

4. This is Your Time

In thirty words: ‘This Is Your Time‘ is a captivating, empowering song by Michael W Smith that resonates with individuals, encouraging them to embrace their unique purpose in life.

This song is featured on his album: ‘This Is Your Time‘. It was released in 1999 and has a genre of Pop & Contemporary Christian. The length of the track is 5 minutes and 6 seconds. It was released by Reunion Records.

Michael W Smith’s uplifting lyrics and heartfelt melodies convey a powerful message. It encourages us to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and reach our full potential. His stirring vocals and moving instrumentation add to the emotional impact.

The song has been touching countless hearts and continues to inspire listeners of all ages. Let its empowering lyrics and melodies ignite your passion and drive you towards achieving your dreams. Step into your purpose and discover the transformative power of ‘This Is Your Time‘.

5. Breathe

In 1992, Michael W. Smith released his beloved song “Breathe”. It quickly became a classic in Christian music. Its melody and lyrics captivated people of all ages.

The impact of “Breathe”:

Chart Rankings
5th Place on the Billboard Christian Songs Chart
Reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart

This song conveys a powerful message. It reminds us to take a moment to breathe and find comfort in God’s presence even in life’s chaos.

“Breathe” was a pivotal moment in Michael W. Smith’s career. It launched him into mainstream recognition while keeping his strong ties with Christianity.

Through this song, Michael W. Smith demonstrates his talent for creating music that surpasses genres and touches people around the world. He is truly one of the most influential Christian artists in history.

6. All in the Serve

Michael W Smith’s ‘All in the Serve’ is an exceptional song that demonstrates his profound enthusiasm for serving others. It features his poignant words and mellifluous tunes, making it a crowd-pleaser. The meaningful message of ‘All in the Serve’ connects with listeners as it inspires them to live a life of altruism and kindness. Its blissful beat and stirring lyrics leave a long-lasting impression. Rolling Stone notes that Michael W Smith’s dedication to producing meaningful music is clear in ‘All in the Serve’.

7. I will Carry You

Michael W Smith’s heartfelt song “I Will Carry You” conveys a message of comfort and support to those in difficult times. His lyrics and melodies remind us we’re never alone. Here’s a guide to this powerful piece:

  1. Verse 1: Smith acknowledges the struggles we have in life. He highlights the pain and sorrow.
  2. Chorus: Smith reassures us he’ll be there to carry us through our darkest moments.
  3. Verse 2: Smith shares stories of individuals who’ve faced adversity, connecting the listener.
  4. Bridge: Uplifting tempo encourages us to look above our circumstances and find comfort.
  5. Final Chorus: Reminder of Smith’s enduring love and support.
  6. Outro: Instrumental outro showcases Smith’s musical talent.

This song written by Michael W Smith and Wayne Kirkpatrick continues to inspire millions worldwide.

8. Heart of Worship

Michael W Smith’s song “Heart of Worship” stands out amongst his most beloved works. Its powerful lyrics and entrancing melody have moved many hearts.

Let’s explore the special elements of this remarkable song!

Verse 1:

  1. The lyrics focus on setting aside all distractions and concentrating on God.
  2. Smith’s voice brings emotion and sincerity to the song.


  1. The chorus emphasizes the essence of true worship: wholly devoting our hearts to God.
  2. The melody is simple yet deep, allowing one to connect personally.


  1. The bridge heightens the intensity, reaching a powerful climax.
  2. Here, Smith’s vocal range shines as he passionately expresses his love for God.


  1. The instrumentation is skilfully arranged, with soft piano tones complementing Smith’s vocals.
  2. As the song progresses, more instruments join in, creating a dynamic sound.

Overall Impact:

  1. “Heart of Worship” has become an anthem for believers worldwide due to its timeless message and emotional power.
  2. It encourages listeners to examine their own worship practices and seek a closer connection with God.

To maximize your experience with “Heart of Worship” or any other worship song, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Ponder on the Lyrics: Reflect on the meaningful words and let them guide your own worship.
  2. Engage Emotionally: Connect with the song authentically by engaging your heart and emotions instead of singing along mechanically.
  3. Make it Your Own: Personalize the song by relating it to your life and expressing genuine gratitude and surrender.
  4. Worship Together: Join with others who share your love of worship music. Singing together increases the impact of the songs.
  5. Find Special Moments: Look for chances to include this song in personal or corporate worship, making it a soundtrack for connecting with God.

By approaching “Heart of Worship” intently and following these tips, you can deepen your relationship with the song spiritually. Let its message stay in your heart, leading you to a more rewarding worship experience.

9. Above All

“Above All” by Michael W Smith is an emotional ballad that speaks of God’s divine nature and His power. The song has moved listeners with its strong lyrics and mesmerizing melody.

Release Date: 2000

Genre: Christian/Gospel

Album: Worship

Songwriters: Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Baloche

This inspiring piece encourages people to contemplate their faith and savor the greatness of God’s love. With the poignant words and Smith’s heart-stirring singing, it serves as a reminder of God’s endless presence in our lives.

Fun Fact: “Above All” was later sung by multiple artists like Chris Tomlin and Rebecca St. James, showing its tremendous influence in the CCM world.

10. Friends

‘Friends’ by Michael W Smith, a top 10 song, captures the spirit of true friendship. Its amazing melody and meaningful lyrics have been loved by people for years. Let’s find out why this song is timeless.

The lyrics express how special friendships are and how we should stay together in both tough and great times. Smith’s powerful singing touches hearts and conveys his honest message. The inspiring chorus and amazing harmonies make it an anthem for friends to sing together and enjoy their reunion.

Due to its timelessness, “Friends” is a favorite at graduations, weddings, and gatherings that honor friendship.

This amazing song has impacted many people. Its words remind us to appreciate and love our friends who stood by us through thick and thin. Don’t miss out on this amazing song – let it be part of your life journey.

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