Creeper Announce Special Appearance With Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood On Lead Vocals – News


For the first time ever, Creeper will be fronted by Hannah Greenwood, and this is how you can be there.

Creeper are set to play a set at Rise Fest in a couple of weeks, and they have revealed exactly why it is going to be so special. 

It’s a ‘Weeping Widow’ set. 

That means that keyboardist/vocalist/extraordinary performer Hannah Greenwood is going to be taking the lead as vocalist, for the first time ever. 

What an incredible idea this is.

This is a one time thing as well, so you if you want to see this, you better head down. 


Oh, and if that’s not enough, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Boston Manor, VUKOVI, Higher Power, Modern Error, Death Blooms and loads more are also playing.

It will be taking place on September 10 at the Northumbria Students’ Union in Newcastle.

You can grab your tickets from right HERE

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