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cleopatrick are back with a new banger.

cleopatrick have shared a new song, and it’s more chaotically vibrant noise from the boys. 

It’s called ‘OK’ and was actually produced in the back of the band’s van whilst out on the road. The atmosphere and scuzziness of making music in such an environment runs through it, as the pair delve into the baffling modern day practice of handing over our hearts and souls to companies without giving it a second’s thought. 

it’s absolutely massive.

The band had this to say about it:

“It’s a song about complacency, ignorance, and trying to fit into a digital future. It’s about asteroids, evil computers, sneaker brands, and illusory-worth of our digital personas. It’s a song about all the shit you have to click “OK” on these days. You do it so much you reach the point where you don’t really think about the meaning or implications of digital consent.”

And here it is:

The band have also released a content film, recorded at their sold-out Toronto show at The Danforth Music Hall.

Here it is in full:

We spoke to the lads last year around the release of their album ‘BUMMER’, which you can catch up with HERE

And here’s ‘FAMILY VAN’:

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