Watch Beartooth’s Triumphant Hometown Performance of ‘Riptide’ – News


Beartooth brought their A-Game to their Columbus homecoming show last month, and they’ve released footage of their latest single to celebrate.

Last month Beartooth passed through their hometown of Columbus on tour for a special show of epic proportions. 

Taking place outside at the huge Kemba LIVE!, it was a huge moment for the band and a reminder of just how far they have come in the last decade. 

And to show just how much of a spectacle it was, they have released footage of them performing their current single ‘Riptide’.

A song dripping in positivity and drive, it sounds absolutely monumental, especially when it is being performed in a sea of crowdsurfers, pyro and fireworks. 

They look absolutely unstoppable, and that’s the way it should be. 

Have a watch for yourself below. Goosebumps guaranteed:

We chatted to Caleb Shomo all about the track when they popped over for Slam Dunk festival earlier this year, which you can catch up with below:

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