The 25 Underground Metal Bands You Might’ve Missed In August

Looking for something new to listen to? Get acquainted with these tracks from some lesser-known bands that came out in May thanks to our monthly Underground Roundup! Check out our cumulative playlists below featuring this month’s edition, as well as all the previous months as well.

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You can also check out all editions of the Underground Roundup here.

Ancient Death – “Labyrinths Of Self Reflection”

Ancient Death released their new EP Sacred Vessel last week and it really shouldn’t have flown under any radars. Allow Ancient Death to bleed slow, churning death metal out of your speakers and all over your floor with their track “Labyrinths Of Self Reflection.” Check out Sacred Vessel here.

Autonoesis – “Raise The Dead”

Autonoesis seems to have come out of nowhere in terms of popularity. The band hails from Toronto and, clear out of the midnight, came and brought the raging black metal to the masses straight to the top of the Bandcamp chats. Check out the debut Autonoesis album Moon Of Foul Magics here.

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Blackbraid – “The River Of Time Flows Through Me”

Speaking of coming out of nowhere and shooting straight to the top is Blackbraid. Dubbed a “solo Native American black metal project” out of the Adirondacks, Blackbraid I is a masterclass on how to mold the genre into something incredibly unique. Get Blackbraid I here.

Choke – “Lust For Death”

Choke will release their new record Desiphon on September 16, and is now streaming the blindingly pissed-off new single “Lust For Death.” The single clocks in at a whopping two minutes long and is nothing short of an absolute fucking beatdown. Pre-order Desiphon here.

City Of Caterpillar – “Decider”

City Of Caterpillar is back to finally follow up their 2002 self-titled debut album! The band will release Mythic Sisters on September 30 and is now streaming their first new single in as many years, “Decider.” It’s as chaotic as you’d expect, though given the excellent songwriting, it doesn’t feel too insane. Pre-orders are available here.

Dead Eyed Creek – “Viscid Dreams”

Dead Eyed Creek, the new band featuring Job Bos (Satyricon) and Norman Lonhard (ex-Triptykon) alongside bassist Max Blok and vocalist Einar Vilberg, is now streaming “Viscid Dreams.” If you’ve ever wished Alice In Chains was a little more like A Pale Horse Named Death, then you’re going to love this.

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Distant – “Exofilth”

Distant recently signed to Century Media and is now streaming their new standalone single “Exofilth” to celebrate. The single is all the deathcore brutality you could possibly want from Distant alongside some fairly Korn-esque effects-heavy guitars, and of course spine-dislodging breakdowns.

Dreadnought – “Gears Of Violent Endurance”

Dreadnought is six albums and roughly a decade into their career, and they’re clearly still going strong. The Endless is yet another Dreadnought album that powerfully combines everything from post-metal and doom, to blackened grooves. Grab a copy of The Endless here.

Endonomos – “Barrier”

Endonomos was a “holy shit” moment for me not even one minute into hitting play on “Barrier.” There are incredibly doom riffs, winding guitar leads, and cavernous vocals that growled and sang their way into my brain. You need to check out their self-titled debut album here right this second.

Faetooth – “Echolalia”

Faetooth perfectly blends crushing doom riffs with hazy, ethereal vocals for a result that’s equal parts turn-it-up-worthy and evoking some serious “grab-your-headphones-and-space-out” moods. Faetooth will release their new record Remnants Of The Vessel on October 28. You can follow the band here on Bandcamp.

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Fern – “Hyperreal”

Fern leans a lot heavier into the catchier, synth-ier aspect of things with their latest single “Hyperreal.” If you’ve been missing bands like Arcadea, or you just wish Zombi had vocals, Fern is for you. Plus who doesn’t need more earworms in their life? Intersubjective is out September 30, pre-orders are here.

Fugitive – “Maniac”

Fugitive is the new band featuring guitarists Blake Ibanez (Power Trip) and Victor Gutierrez (Impalers), vocalist Seth Gilmore (Skourge), bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie), and drummer Lincoln Mullins (Creeping Death). The band recently released their surprise debut EP Maniac, which you can get here.

Innumerable Forms – “Thrall”

Listen. We need more new Innumerable Forms more often. The project was originally just Justin DeTore (Sumerlands, ex-Magic Circle), but now includes members of Devil Master and Genocide Pact. It’s death-doom perfection and “Thrall” is a great example of why. Pre-orders for Philosophical Collapse are available here.

Mongrel – “Dog Complex”

Originally released in March and given new life in August by Maggot Stomp, Mongrel‘s debut demo Off The Leash is going to bark and snarl at you… and then get off the leash and tear you into little bloody chunks strewn across the yard. Check it out here.

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Orbit Culture – “Vulture Of North”

Orbit Culture is now streaming their relentlessly heavy new single “Vulture Of North.” The single will be featured on the coming, currently-unannounced new Orbit Culture record coming next year, but in the meantime feel free to get destroyed by it as a standalone thing. And lemme tell you – it’ll destroy you.

Ósserp – Cavalcant l’Ossa Menor

Ósserp just released their new record Els nous cants de la Sibil·la and you need to hear it. It’s like Deathspell Omega and Behemoth decided to throw a little more grinding death metal into their sound, and maybe beef up the riffs a bit for maximum headbanging where needed. Grab it here on Bandcamp.

The Otolith – “Sing No Coda”

Former SubRosa members Kim Cordray, Levi Hanna, Andy Patterson, and Sarah Pendleton have all reunited in the beautifully doomy new band The Otolith. The band is now streaming the monolith debut single “Sing No Coda” from their upcoming debut album Folium Limina due out October 21. Pre-orders are available here.

Pijn – “Weave In”

Pijn is back for the first time in four years with a new single “Weave In” that frankly should snap the weather right to being freezing. No fall, just immediate frozen desolation. The single is the first to feature new bassist Ed Bottomley. Pijn is currently working on their first new album since 2018.

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Ripped To Shreds – “Reek Of Burning Freedom”

Ripped To Shreds is here to rip you all to shreds once again with their new record 劇變 (Jubian) due out October 14. The band is now streaming the first single “Reek Of Burning Freedom, and if you’re into the old-school HM-2 chainsaw style of death metal, then you need this song. Pre-order 劇變 (Jubian) here.

Ruby The Hatchet – “Thruster”

Ruby The Hatchet will release Fear Is A Cruel Master on October 21 and is now streaming “Thruster.” And while the music kicks ass, the music video follows the murderous exploits of a biker gang n the style of a ’70s B-movie in glorious Technicolor. Excellent. Pre-orders for Fear Is A Cruel Master are available here.

Space Of Variations – “DNA Molecule In A Million Of Dimensions”

Ukrainian metal Space Of Variations is now streaming their hypnotic new single “DNA molecule in a million of dimensions.” The track is a unique take on a prog metal, falling somewhere between Tesseract and Last Chance To Reason. Space Of Variations will release Imago on September 23. Pre-orders are available here.

Spite – “Proper One”

Spite unleashed their devastating new record Dedication To Flesh on August 19, and is now streaming their new single “Proper One.” If you need a masterclass in how to keep up an insane amount of intensity throughout a single, then you need to listen to “Proper One.” Dedication To Flesh is available to order here.

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Tribal Gaze – “And How They Wept For Eternity”

Trey Pemberton-approved Texas death metal band Tribal Gaze will release their debut album The Nine Choirs on September 16, but feel free to get buried under the ten-ton riffing of “And How They Wept For Eternity” right now. Pre-order The Nine Choirs here, and prepare to see a lot more of this band’s name in the coming years.

Universally Estranged – “Corrupted Mind Palace”

I really wouldn’t be surprised if Universally Estranged gets on the level of bands like Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation. The band does the whole “psych-heavy death metal from outer space” thing perfectly, as you’ll see in their new single “Corrupted Mind Palace.” Dimension Of Deviant Clusters is out October 28. Get it here.

A Wake In Providence – “The Horror Ov The Old Gods”

A Wake In Providence is here to burn your entire town down with their new single “The Horror Ov The Old Gods.” From spine-destroying breakdowns to blindingly technical passages, A Wake In Providence clearly means fucking business. The band will release Eternity on October 21. Pre-orders are available here.

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