SIGNS OF THE SWARM Annihilates All With New Single “Unbridled”

Signs Of The Swarm is celebrating signing to Century Media Records with a brand new single called “Unbridled.” Which is a pretty good name for the single considering this thing is out of fucking control. Listen as Signs Of The Swarm throws you to the ground over and over again until the final breakdown, which should snap you clean in half.

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“To commemorate our signing with Century Media, we wanted to offer something truly special – ‘Unbridled,'” said Signs Of The Swarm in a statement. “This track is a taste of everything that we have to offer, reaching for new levels of intensity and keeping what makes us Signs Of The Swarm. If you like riffs, blast beats, and breakdowns don’t skip this one.

“Lyrically, we want to reach out to our fans from a different perspective in hopes that the song pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Channeling fear, aggression and defeat into a single track, ‘Unbridled’ is a violent and energetic piece that we expect you to bang your head to.”

Stream “Unbridled” here.

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