REFUSED Is “Throwing Around” Some New Riffs

Refused isn’t fuckin’ dead! According to vocalist Dennis Lyxzén in an interview with the Stoke The Fire podcast, Refused has begun throwing around some new riffs to follow up their 2019 record War Music. Lyxzén also revealed he has a new Fake Names record on the way, which is his project alongside Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker, as well as Vännäs Kasino and INVSN material.

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“I’ve got plenty of stuff. Like, the Fake Names record and then me and [frequent Lyxzén collaborator Sara Almgren] started a punk band where I play guitar called Vännäs Kasino. Vännäs is the town where I live. We have a record recorded as well. And then new INVSN coming out, and [then] we just started… some Refused riffs have been thrown around. I’m just trying to stay busy, man.”

It’s worth noting that Refused did put out a handful of songs in 2020 as Samurai for the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack and game, as well as a B-sides EP called The Malignant Fire that same year. So it’s not like we’ve been completely devoid of new Refused lately. It’s just nice to know the band is planning on still making more music.

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