REVOCATION Streams Deluxe Version Of Teratogenesis, Drops First Vinyl Pressing Since 2012

Revocation‘s 2012 EP Teratogenesis (originally put out on the ill-fated Scion A/V label) is finally back in print. Teratogenesis is back on CD and vinyl alongside a handful of rare cover songs that have been bonus tracks throughout Revocation‘s career. The new version of Teratogenesis is:

  1. “The Grip Tightens”
  2. “Spurn the Outstretched Hand”
  3. “Maniacally Unleashed”
  4. “Teratogenesis”
  5. “Bound by Desire”
  6. “Dyer’s Eve” (Metallica cover)
  7. “Surprise! You’re Dead!” (Faith No More cover)
  8. “Pull the Plug” (Death cover)
  9. “Death in Vain” (Exhorder cover)

Get it on Bandcamp here. You can also get a bunch of Revocation‘s old albums repressed on vinyl here.

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