– the digital monument for the greatest artist in history, Michael Jackson is the most comprehensive project ever created for the king of pop. This entire new
format of documentation will not only tell Michael Jackson’s true story but also show other facets
in various categories – including unreleased content. Part of the digital format is the
“Fan Artwork” category which presents the most beautiful artworks of MJ’s fans and let them be
part of the digital monument. The profit made with the app will go 100 % to the
MyIdol Foundation which builds schools, enables education and creates inspiration – like MJ did.

What is all about? is the digital monument for Michael Jackson and will be available as an app for
smartphone and as a Web version. It is the biggest project ever originated for MJ, meaning regularly provides new content over the next two years, including unreleased content
(paintings made by MJ and many other contents). This format allows to present the
artist in a way nobody has done before.

The app provides short videos between 8 and 12 minutes and is divided into different
categories so that Michael Jackson can be represented as the painter, poet, entrepreneur – the
greatest artist – he was. Detailed content and artefacts from all over the world will be published in
within the next two years and will reveal his own personal and revolutionary story in the following
different categories “MJ Universe”, “Spiritual Journey”, “Artwork”, “Poetry”, “Family & Friends”,
“Music”, “The Story” and “Fan Artwork”.

Fan Artwork – be a part of the Digital Monument is a living piece of art that will constantly keep growing – especially with the engagement
of the fans who can submit their creative artworks in the category “Fan Artwork”. Michael Jackson
loved to collect artwork of his fans and so does Fans can upload their pieces of art at
Fan Artwork and the most creative ones get the opportunity to be published in the app. Fan Artwork
is a platform to show the talent and affection of MJ’s fans and keep his spirit alive.

“The Story” – unreleased video footage of Michael Jackson’s
life as a Superstar and human being

MJ is an artist who is subject to controversy. presents the most in-depth documentary
ever produced with a lot of never-before-seen material of MJ’s life as a Superstar but moreover as a
human being, called “The Story”. These videos are played out in Netflix style in several seasons and
the user will be able to watch two new videos every month. The team consists, among
others, of musicologists from the USA and Austria. Moreover, scientists collected and studied well
over 150 books and content for more than two years before starting the app – including the 120
paintings of Michael Jackson’s personal art collection. Most of them have never been exhibited to
the public before.

The video material is produced by motion pictures Filmproduktion, a video production team
from Germany, using the latest 3D technology. They get support from top 3D artists who worked for
the likes of Marvel and Disney.

How much will the MyIdol app cost? wants to make the digital monument like a real one: positive and respectful. Fans should
find here everything about their idol and can experience and understand the artist in his entirety.
Content will be published regularly and as long as it so, the annual fee is 20 USD. This money will
maintain the project and generated profit which will go a 100 % to the MyIdol Foundation.

MyIdol Foundation – building schools, enable education,
create inspiration

All profits made will go to the MyIdol Foundation that focuses on the topics of “education and
inspiration”. Supporting means supporting this foundation: The mission is to set up and
maintain schools financially in the most remote regions of the world and to provide access to
education to children and create solid, long-term educational opportunities. The MyIdol Foundation
encourages creativity and inspire children to stick to their goals, dreams, and desires – like Michael
Jackson did. is the first ever Digital Monument where the beauty of Michael Jackson’s art is
transformed into education. stands for the most elaborate documentary to date, high-
quality stories and poems, sophisticated artworks and groundbreaking audios that will inspire your
every sense. Head over to for further information and download the app “This is me –
MyIdol” on the App Store ( or on Google Play. This is only the beginning!

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