Axl Rose Hotel Photos Leaked By Creepy Waitress

A hotel waitress was fired for taking creepy photos of Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose on tour, as seen below. Guns N’ Roses have recently been releasing singles, but fans have debated if they’re legitimate ‘comeback’ singles.

Lies They Tell posted on, “How do you define a comeback single? Wasn’t Shadow of Your Love the comeback single? These are just some more singles.

You seem to attach some kind of a burden on these songs that the band does not. Clearly the band had no intention to become some kind of a big mainstream band again that everyone is talking about. They would have made a proper music video for these songs if that was the intention.

No, these were just a couple of songs from the future album that were released to satisfy the hunger that fans have for new music. The intention seems to be to release every single song from the upcoming album as a single, so it’s not like in the old times, when only a couple of songs from the album are released as singles.

For example Garden of Eden actually had a music video and it was released when GNR was at the peak of it’s popularity. It was released in a time when rock music was mainstream music, but still Hard Skool already has more streams on Spotify. That’s not too shabby.”

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