Michael Angelo Batio, shred extraordinaire and a man with guitars that look like weapons, will join Manowar for their 2023 tour dates following the departure of guitarist E.V. Martel. No word on if he’s bringing any of his dual (or quadruple) neck guitars on the road with him, but here’s hoping right?

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Manowar, their crew, along with all the Manowarriors around the world have been really great to me from the moment I came onboard,” said Martel of his departure. “I could not be more thankful for the good times we have shared.”

“We love and respect E.V. and support his decision,” added Manowar‘s Joey DeMaio. “He is a true brother, and we’ll forever share unforgettable memories like playing near the Arctic Circle or in Mexico for the first time!”

On his joining the band for touring duties, Batio said “I could not be more excited! I love metal more than anything, and it doesn’t get more metal than Manowar! I can’t wait to get on stage and play for the Manowar fans!” Manowar points fans to their website for all upcoming tour dates.

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