Maxo Kream Advises Fan to Sell Drugs After Fan Asks Him for Money

Maxo Kream advises a fan to sell some drugs after the fan asks him for money.

Maxo Kream Tells Fan to Sell Some Dope

On Monday (June 17), a fan down on their luck decided to reach out to Maxo on X, formerly known as Twitter. The fan, who goes by breezecold4 on X, said he was in the process of trying to pay his brother back after wrecking his car.

“I damn sure hate asking,” the fan asked, “but i got into a wreck in my brothers car after being in jail back to back and my moms bailed ya boy out without me even asking. back working to pay em back for it. but shid if u can fwm with 2k that can help atleast paying my lil bro back.”

Maxo merely replied in the tweet below, “Go sell sum dope.”

Fans immediately began to clown the guy for asking for money, but the user said he was was shocked Maxo even replied.

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Fan Asks Lil Uzi Vert to Pay His College Tuition

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a fan has asked their favorite rapper for some racks. In August of 2019, Uzi bumped into Temple University student Raheel Ahmad at a department store in Philadelphia. Ahmad asked Uzi to pay for his $90,000 tuition, which Uzi did on the stipulation that Ahmad would graduate. The fan did just that and graduated from Temple in 2022.

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See Maxo Kream’s response to the fan below.

See Maxo Kream Advise Fan to Sell Drugs After Fan Asks Rapper for Money

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