Lorna Shore Release Extraordinary New Track ‘Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames’ – News

Lorna Shore have shared the first part of the trilogy of epics that will be closing their upcoming album ‘Pain Remains’, and it is one of their best creations to date.

Lorna Shore have been showing off a lot of their new album ‘Pain Remains’ over the last few months, but nothing will have prepared you for this. 

The band have shared the first piece of the trilogy of three tracks that close the record, which all together create one of the most ambitiously gorgeous tracks that deathcore has ever known. 

Part one is titled ‘Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames’ and is both the most beautiful and brutal parts of the band clashing head-on. 

Tear-stained, vulnerable and astonishingly heavy, it is absolutely extraordinary and one of the finest pieces of music the band have put their name to. 

Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The Pain Trilogy is a three-part tale focusing on the stages of grief and vulnerability and exemplifying it through a love story. The first song, “Pain Remains I: Dancing like Flames” begins with the main character becoming enamored by the person within his dreams. He decides to turn to this reality as a sense of purpose despite knowing that the closer he gets to his goal, the further it seems to drift away.”

And here it is. Prepare yourself:

‘Pain Remains’ will be released on October 14 via Century Media Records.

Here’s ‘Cursed To Die’:

And here’s ‘Sun//Eater’:

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