Listen To Hidden In Plain View’s New EP ‘Tantrums’ – News

Hidden In Plain View are back and delivering that sweet earl 00’s sound for a modern ear.

Hidden in Plain View have just released a brand new EP called ‘Tantrums’.

The band’s first proper release since 2015’s ‘Animal’, it is also their first since going out there in the world on their own. The result is an unfiltered and unrelenting look at the core of the band, hearts firmly planted on their sleeves and soul injected deep into their music. It’s their classic sound forced through a modern lens, making it feel quintessential as well as forward-thinking. 

Put simply, you need to hear this. 

The band had this to say about the release and what it means to them:

“‘Tantrums’ is a collection of songs written across several years showcasing Hidden In Plain View’s signature sound of trading vocals, harmonies, ripping drums, and authentic relatable lyrics.  Tantrums comes as new life is breathed into the band with new member additions as well. It is the first release in which we went fully independent, recording and promoting our music without the outside influence of music industry labels or A & R. The entire creative process all the way from writing to recording, mixing, producing, mastering, promoting, and you name it, was done completely by the band. The result of this gives Hidden fans a brilliant experience of an organic undisturbed Hidden In Plain View sound. For anyone searching for that early 2000’s vintage pop-punk and emo sound. Look no further. Turn these songs up and enjoy them loud!”

Here is ‘Temper’, which bristles with the sort of sing-alongs that have defined so many of our lives:

And here is the angular ‘Ragdoll’, which demonstrates the band’s control on melody brilliantly:

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