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We’ve been telling you to listen to Angel Number for a while now, and they have just shared another incredible reason that you should.

Angel Number are back once more with another fascinating piece of their sonic puzzle, and it is up there with their most compelling moments yet. 

It’s called ‘Long May I Reign’ and finds the band diving headfirst into new wave euphoria, with crashing synths and spine-tingling breaks aplenty. 

It’s as heavenly as it is hedonistic, and it shows off just how far the band are willing to push their sound and scope. 

Basically, you should be on board with this band.

Vocalist Petr Vybiral had this to say about the song: 

“‘Long May I Reign’ is inspired by a vision of the battle with the self as we confront the darkest corners of our collective psyche. It presents transformation as the only path forward in this day and age as we approach the breaking point on a societal and spiritual level. Honouring the forces that enable our existence is the primary message of the exploding chorus, the real climax of the song, whilst the verses illustrate how understanding ourselves, destroying ourselves and healing ourselves leads to the same results on the outside too. Whether or not we make it through the dark depends on how willing we are to confront it.”

Here it is:

To get you a bit more caught up, here’s ‘Lose The Light’:

And here’s ‘Dear Salvation’:

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