I Prevail Reveal Dystopian Video For ‘Self-Destruction’ – News

I Prevail’s new album ‘TRUE POWER’ is out now!

I Prevail have just released their brand new full-length ‘TRUE POWER’, a bludgeoning, bold and brilliant collection of expansive and electric modern rock songs. 

You should go and listen to it. 

But before that, you should watch their new video for ‘Self-Destruction’, one of the album’s hardest moments. 

And the video fits the vibe of the song perfectly, with a truly dystopian atmosphere as the band play to a sea of people under the control from a malevolent force. 

it’s absolutely huge.

Here we go:

And here’s ‘Body Bag’, which is also furious:

We have a couple of exclusive copies of the album available for you, alongside a special edition of Rock Sound telling the full unfiltered story of the record.

There’s the ‘Down To The Bone’ vinyl, which is available WORLDWIDE from right HERE

And then a UK-exclusive CD with a hand-signed insert, which is available from right HERE

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