HE IS LEGEND’s New Songs Have Some Chunky, Aggressive MESHUGGAH Riffs

He Is Legend is now streaming their two new singles “Lifeless Lemonade” and “The Prowler” from their upcoming record Endless Hallway. He Is Legend shreds pretty hard on “The Prowler” after bringing some initially chunky riffage, but “Lifeless Lemonade” just goes full on Meshuggah throughout the whole intro and it kicks all kinds of ass. So yes – everyone should be very excited for He Is Legend‘s upcoming album.

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“This album is a testament to our band’s endurance,” said He Is Legend in a collective statement. “It is easily our most aggressive album to date, born and bred from the odd shift in the world that affected everyone. We have always used our music as an outlet, and no better time than when the world felt so much like an Endless Hallway.”

Endless Hallway is out November 11. Pre-orders are available here.

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