FLOOR JANSEN Gets Serious On Heartbreaking New Single “Me Without You”

Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen has dropped another solo track, her third this year, entitled “Me Without You.” It’s a slow-rising breakup cut that is still in the vein of the symphonic power of Nightwish—something that has been a trademark of all three of Jansen‘s solo singles so far. But, also like the others, they allow Jansen to genuinely take center stage and shine. You can check the video out above.

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Last month, Floor was asked in an interview with FaceCulture if a full solo album was in the immediate cards for her, and it didn’t seem likely.

“[I have] a lot more songs ready, [but] there’s not an album ready… because it would make no sense to have one,” she said “Due to the pandemic, there’s an entire Nightwish [album] still not done and still yet to be done. As it looks like, we actually are gonna do that now…. So there’s no time for [a solo album] — which is a luxury problem on itself. But it’s fun. And that’s also a big difference with this pop music thing—you can release singles. It’s not an album-based world; it’s completely different.”

Jansen also said that she will continue to release singles, and that depending on how the course of Nightwish‘s album cycle goes, the potential is at least there for a full-length solo outing. “I’ll keep releasing singles. But the ambition [to do a solo album] is there,” Jansen concluded.

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