DROWNING POOL Throws It Way Back With New Single “Choke”


Drowning Pool will release their new record Strike A Nerve on September 30 and is now streaming the new single “Choke.” According to guitarist CJ Pierce, the single is a combination of the classic Drowning Pool sound alongside concentrated efforts to push themselves in a new direction.

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“‘Choke’ is another one of my favorite songs off Strike A Nerve,” said guitarist CJ Pierce. “Musically, we really wanted to push ourselves to extremes on this album and venture outside our musical comfort zone with some of the songwriting and playing – like you hear on ‘Mind Right’ – but ‘Choke’ is a perfect mix of the more traditional Drowning Pool style and the foundation we laid on the ‘Sinner’ record, and the ever-evolving band that we have become with Jasen Moreno.

“Lyrically, ‘Choke’ comes from a place where many of us have been before. It’s about when someone has given up on you, put you down, and speaks nothing but words of negativity and hate. But like we always do, we fight through, we persevere, and we ultimately overcome. We’re still here, we’re still thriving, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re strong, and we hope you choke on your words!”

Strike A Nerve is Drowning Pool‘s first record in six years and is available for pre-order here.

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