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The tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins has been one of the very saddest cases that we have seen in recent time within the rock world when it comes to the legendary status of bands and those who make up the group. It’s safe to say, that without Taylor Hawkins, we would not have some of the songs that we hold closest to our hearts. Dave Grohl was extremely affected by the sudden loss of one of his best friends and has been doing all he can to heal. Thankfully, others have his back in star-studded fashion.

Dave Grohl was seen in a photo that is making the rounds which features Geddy Lee, Omar Hakim, Alex Lifeson, and himself. The photo by a Dave Grohl fan page states the following which was originally stated by a dress rehearsal studio. Via the caption: “Legends in the building at @80AStudios! We were truly honoured to host Alex Lifeson, Omar Hakim, Geddy Lee and Dave Grohl here at The Academy at Universal Music Canada for rehearsals ahead of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts in London and LA.”

The rehearsals would go very smoothly and the concert spoke for itself. Included in the concert were many heart breaking moments, but also, many moments were filled with joy by the family of Taylor Hawkins as well as the fans and the artists who helped to make the night very special.

Possibly, the night that was given to Taylor was one of the most magnificent nights in recent history to honor a fallen rock icon with the magnitude that Taylor Hawkins held within him every night that he stepped foot behind the drums or when he would step up to the mic to take a turn at singing a song or two. What a great way to go out.

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