Dave Davies Shocked to See His Rock Hall Trophy for Sale on eBay

The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies shared his sadness at the prospect of having to pay $12,500 to recover one of his award trophies after someone had a Storage Wars moment at his expense.

The guitarist reported he’d been shocked to see his 1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award for sale on eBay with a steep asking price.

“This is a rare and highly collectible… award honoring David Davies of The Kinks,” the lot listing read, noting that it had been purchased “from a storage unit when Dave Davies was…past 1 year of forgetting to pay the unit owners’ storage fees.

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“The trophy is a one-of-a-kind piece of music memorabilia that any fan of rock and pop music would be thrilled to own. This item… is a piece of entertainment memorabilia that is sure to be a conversation starter for any music lover.”

Davies confirmed on X that the sale was being conducted without his consent, adding: “I lost track of my award years ago and didn’t know where it was. If the person bought it at a storage unit it may have been around the time of my 2004 stroke, when I was incapacitated.

Dave Davies Could Get His Hall of Fame Trophy Back

“I’m grateful to have made a full record from my stroke but it’s a shame that I wasn’t contacted. I’m assuming this is what happened… This auction makes me very sad.”

The guitarist later reported that his people had written to the seller, explaining: “I don’t want to have to pay 12 grand to get my own award back. But maybe we can work something out more reasonable.”

That seems to be on the cards: the auction was ended early by the seller and an X user bearing the same name wrote to Davies: “Follow me and shoot me a message… we will work it out.”

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