BLOOD INCANTATION Announces Massive, Two-Song New Album Absolute Elsewhere

Blood Incantation is back with a new record named Absolute Elsewhere due out on October 4, and it sounds utterly insane. Absolute Elsewhere features two songs that’re over 20 minutes each – “The Stargate” and “The Message” – and yes, it’s gonna be an incredible journey through the cosmos.

Absolute Elsewhere is our most potent audial extract/musical trip yet; like the soundtrack to a Herzog-style Sci-Fi epic about the history of/battle for human consciousness itself, via a 70s Prog album played by a 90s Death Metal band from the future,” said Blood Incantation‘s Paul Riedl.

Absolute Elsewhere is named after the obscure mid-’70s prog rock collective featuring King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford. More specifically, the record is inspired by their 1976 album In Search of Ancient Gods, which was conceived as a musical accompaniment for the works of Erich Von Daniken and his theories of non-terrestrial humanoid prompts towards mankind’s evolution. So y’know, real Blood Incantation shit.

Absolute Elsewhere was recorded at Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin, Germany in July 2023 with producer Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Spectral Voice, Kreator, etc.) and even features Tangerine Dream‘s own Thorsten Quaeschning contributing lead synths, Mellotron and programming to “The Stargate [Tablet II]”. Other special guests include Nicklas Malmqvist of Hällas on lead synths/keys, piano and Mellotron throughout all tracks; and Malte Gericke (Sijjin, ex-Necros Christos) contributing guest vocals in his native tongue.

Underscoring the classic Progressive Rock vibe, the album is adorned with contemporary visionary paintings by the iconic and reclusive 70s Sci-Fi artist Steve R. Dodd.

While we wait for new music, Blood Incantation has also launched the Stargate Research Society discord and app – a home for discussions of all things Blood Incantation, which you can check out right here.

BLOOD INCANTATION Announces Massive, Two-Song New Album Absolute Elsewhere

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