Why Are 50 Cent And Rick Ross Beefing? (2023 Edition)

50 Cent and Rick Ross are at it again. Although we’re about a decade removed from the height of the two rappers’ rivalry, it looks like the feud is heating up again.

So, why do they dislike each other so much?

That answer could keep us here all day, so let’s just stick to the latest round of offenses.

50 Cent Trolls Rick Ross’ Sales

Most recently, 50 — who legitimately never lets go of anything — trolled Ross for the allegedly low sales of Too Good To Be True, his new joint album with Meek Mill. In a video on Instagram, 50 enjoys his tour as it heads to Australia, but makes sure to take a moment for spite: “If you sell 31,009 CDs,” he says. “I shouldn’t talk to you.”

Setting aside that 31,000 is pretty respectable in the streaming era (and that 50 hasn’t dropped an album since streaming became the main avenue for music consumption), as well as the fact that the album only had about two weeks of promotion, it doesn’t seem 50 wanted to pass up the chance to get at one of his rivals.

Rick Ross Claps Back At 50 Cent

Ross later posted his own video responding to 50’s low sales accusations. “Just got a DM saying, ‘Rozay, we believe 50 Cent just made a comment about you online,’” he said. “I seen it and I said, ‘Y’all don’t know 50 Cent like I do. He wouldn’t do that.’ For one, his b*tch Dreamchasers. She been a Dreamchasers b*tch for many years, still is. That’s when she told me I was her favorite.”

“For two, n****, we been rich,” he said. “We still getting money. Them n****s was laughing at my first-week sales. Them n***as was doing a million and I did 150, 180 and they was laughing but…You smell that saltwater, right? Don’t let them n****s trick you.”

Now, that’s not the most enlightened take for 2023 (the casual sexism just doesn’t work these days). But he certainly isn’t backing down.

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