WARFORGED Streams Chaotic, Progressive Masterpiece The Grove

Warforged is now streaming their sophomore effort The Grove | Sundial. The album is their first with vocalist Tim O’Brien and is essentially an aural trip through a disorienting, at times beautiful, hellscape. The Grove | Sundial clocks in at about 25 minutes shorter than its predecessor I: Voice, and overall feels much more focused in its writing and intentions. Check it out below!

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The Grove | Sundial: A collection of songs that we give to you, and just the beginning of an entire new era of Warforged,” said the band. “No concept, no limitations, just 100% honesty – these songs came from our collective decision to focus more on our songwriting abilities and approaches, and most importantly the decision to write music that is truly an honest representation of who we are. Immediate and to-the-point, these songs all occupy a world of their own, with lyrical and musical themes that reach into unexplored territory for our band, as well as revisiting themes from our early past.

The Grove is us, living in the present tense, making music that we truly love, that has generally brought us closer together not only as a band, but as a family. So come join us and indulge in any way you’d like with Sundial, your first visit to The Grove.”

The Grove | Sundial is out September 9. Pre-orders are available here.

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