VOIVOD Covered The Themes From Japan’s Ultraman For A New EP

Voivod will release their new Ultraman EP on November 4. The EP finds Voivod covering three separate themes from the Japanese TV show Ultraman with guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain singing all these Japanese parts.

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“As a kid I often dreamed of finding a Beta Capsule, so I could transform into Ultraman, keep the city from being destroyed by a giant fire spitting monster, and hopefully save Akiko Fuji in the process,” said drummer Michel “Away” Langevin. “I’m pretty sure many people had the same dream… we sure did in Voïvod, and that’s why we decided to cover the main and battle TV themes for this EP. The recordings were done during the Synchro Anarchy sessions and Chewy sings the Japanese parts! For the B side, we tracked down the lost encore from the 35th anniversary show, Return To Morgöth – Live 2018. Enjoy!”

The vinyl version of the EP features the Ultraman covers on the A side with the two live tracks on the B side. Pre-orders are available here and the vinyl runs as follows.

  1. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Japanese & French [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  2. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
  3. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (English [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  4. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Japanese [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  5. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
  6. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (Japanese [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  7. “Ultraman – Opening Theme (Instrumental [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  8. “Ultraman – Victory Theme (URUTORAMAN BGM)”
  9. “Ultraman – Closing Theme (Instrumental [URUTORAMANNO UTA])”
  10. “Overreaction” (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)
  11. “Voïvod” (Return To Morgöth – Live 2018)
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