Viral Poe the Passenger Tiktok AI song Hologram set for release

Pasadena alt-rock band Poe The Passenger is set to release viral AI-generated single ‘Hologram’ on February 17th after 3 million views on TikTok

AI technology is fast becoming part of everyday life, chat GPT has even recently passed law exams at Minnesota University, but what impact will AI have on music? Poe the Passenger has programmed an AI song bot to listen to 1000 hours of Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons with amazing results.

@poethepassenger HOLOGRAM is out 2 :: 17 ::23 😭#imaginedragons #linkinpark #poethepassenger #newmusic #indieartist #singersongwriter #fyp #1000hours #bot #hologram ♬ HOLOGRAM by Poe the Passenger – Poe the Passenger

The video from the band details how the bot wrote the song and also plays a teaser of the AI-generated hit, ‘a mix of Linkin Park and Imagine Dragons with the band’s emo tears’. The Tiktok has had over 3 million organic views and Poe the Passenger is going to release the song on the 17th of February.

Poe The Passenger is an alt rock band set on bringing together a community of fans with a consistent theme of loving yourself for being authentically you. Their sound takes influence from the nostalgia of Fall Out Boy, the rock edge of The Killers, and the modern vibe of Palaye Royale. Their breakthrough single “Follow Me” hit #1 on KROQ Locals Only in Los Angeles and their most popular track “Sweet Talk” has over a million streams on Spotify alone.

For now, here is a non-AI generated Poe the Passenger song ‘Sweet Talk’ :

‘Hologram’ is out on February 17th 2023, keep an eye out to hear the song in full.

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