Video Spotlight: Busy Body By Cassie Marin


There’s nothing like the smell of good RnB, a smooth flex in the middle of the night with a heartthrob for a beat. Los Angeles indie artist Cassie Marin is a wild card but this time she hits the vibe right in the pocket. Her new single “Busy Body” is almost a throwback in terms of harmony but new booty when it comes to the point.

The visual is impressive to us because of its aura, the colors and views are in hues that complement the words. The delivery is perfectly woven into the scenes. The project was directed by Cassie, Gerardo De Sousa, and assistant director Natalie Goldstein. Cassie’s hair was done by Kayla Case, who absolutely, positively had to get a mention here.

“For the ‘Busy Body’ videothe idea was to take the song’s main theme surrounding compulsive surveillance to a literal and clear cut place while still keeping it fun and lighthearted through the story and style,” Cassie says.

Check out the official video below.

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