Ukrainian Metal Bands Team Up For Cover Of THURSDAY’s “War All The Time”

Ukrainian metal acts The Nietzsche, Septa, 0%Mercury, Rabbit Leader, and Guerilla Noir have all teamed up for a sadly appropriate version of Thursday‘s “War All The Time.” The cover directly references Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which began this February and has left countless dead in the wake of horrendous atrocities. The cover is available here via Venona Records, and you can donate to the Come Back Alive foundation here to aid Ukraine in their fight.

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The Nietzsche, Septa, 0%Mercury, Rabbit Leader, and Guerilla Noir have united to bring the live rendition of Thursday‘s classic War All the Time,” said Venona Records in the description of the cover. “Song’s lyrics perfectly resemble what we all here in Ukraine have been going through for the past six months. It’s been half a year since Russia brutally invaded our homeland, murdering thousands, raising cities to the ground, terrorising the whole world. Please, consider donating to Ukrainian Armed Forces to stop this nightmare and save mankind from this vile aggressor. Thank you!”

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